Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Adsense is a vast right-wing conspiracy!

Blogging pal MG and I have given Google Adsense a try. It's supposed to work off key words in our blogs and place appropriate ads. Not that we're in it for the money, but you just never know. I do have three kids to put through college after all.

However, I'm now convinced it's a Bush administration vehicle for furthering neocon evil. MG's blog now has ads for Christian singles and mine has an ad for Mike Huckabee. HELLO! Do they READ our blogs??

So watch the bottom of my blog page for further evidence.


michaelg said...

Just clicked your Huckabee ad. I took me to a cheesy search engine with Mike Huckabee typed into the subject line. I'm fairly certain I just was exposed to spyware. Nice.
I quit clicking on web site ads a long time ago. Who really does that anymore?

michaelg said...

You're stuck on Huckabee and I'm stuck on Jesus. Not Laughing Jesus anymore, but just Jesus, plain old no fun Jesus.

Mnmom said...

To that I can only say "Jesus!"