Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Scariest Halloween Story EVER!

There was a cruel group of rich guys.  They bought up all the politicians, and got all the rules to go their way.

They lined their pockets with obscene amounts of money.  Then they invented completely bogus financial phantoms called credit default swaps and collateralized debt obligations.  Things so flimsy even your spell checker doesn't recognized them.  They made millions off them while draining pensions.

They took all their power and money, and together with the politicians, stole millions of dollars from taxpayers and forced thousands of hardworking Americans out of their homes.

Then they shipped all the jobs overseas so Americans couldn't work.

Then they lowered taxes on themselves, busted up the unions, and feasted on the flesh of the population.

The end.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Take a memo

Dear Teabaggers,
You are being sorely used by the wealthy.  Read the book "The Best of Enemies" by Osha Gray Davidson.  Find out who your real enemies are.

Dear State of Minnesota Legislature,
Get your act together and start funding public education.  Get your minds off a Vikings Stadium until your constituents have jobs and your schools are humming along.

Dear Cub Foods,
If ALDI can sell produce at amazingly low prices, why can't you?  It's not like you have the added expense of baggers or a drive up.  What gives?

Dear Current Employer
Thanks so much for the healthcare, dental care, low lunch prices, good food, free coffee, and full access to the office supply catalog.  After 3 years at a public school with a budget crisis, you have no idea how much I appreciate this.

Dear University of Iowa,
Please cough up all the money you can so my twins will go there.

Dear Coca-cola on ice,
Why do you have to be so darned delicious?  WHY?!

Dear Winter,
Please try to show a bit more restraint this year.  Snow is lovely but not 2-3 feet at a time.  And anything below zero is just showing off.

Dear Neighbors,
While I enjoy music as much as the next person, I don't want to hear YOUR selections blasting from your garage every weekend.

Dear Aging Process,
I really don't need the likes of you around here.  You're nothing but a pest and a horrible inconvenience.  You run up my medical bills and make me look horrid in photos.  Be gone.

Dear Shin Splints,
You and your partner Aging Process are really getting on my nerves.  I'm trying to run a successful life here and you are foiling my plans.  Go bother someone else.

Thanks for finally giving me a great place to keep my list of "to-reads".  And not only that, but letting see what's on everyone else's list.  You rock!

Dear Halloween,
I love ya, you big ham!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Same Ole Saturday Night

So I'm sitting here, eating a giant bowl of no-added-sugar-low-fat mint chocolate chip ice cream, when Youngest reminds me that it's still not quite a healthy snack.  Especially not in the portion size I was stuffing in my face.  And ESPECIALLY after a filling supper of chicken cutlets, steamed veggies, and homemade bread.  Have you tried this yet?  It's incredible.  I've been making lovely crusty Italian loaves and sweet rolls. 

And so goes another Saturday night in my life.  Johnny C is downstairs watching USC.  Twin #1 at work slapping pizzas in front of hundreds of hungry souls.  Twin #2 is at a movie after spending all morning taking the ACT.  Youngest and I are going to watch a movie at home. 

New Job is going quite well. Learning the world of health care has been eye-opening.  I was reading through online forms and was fascinated by the clean up procedure for cytotoxic chemotherapy drugs.  Then I started to get worried cuz I've NEVER remember this stuff!  Thankfully I realized I to don't have to, just before a very ill-timed and wholly unnecessary nervous breakdown.

This is the first moment in about 2 weeks that I've had the computer to myself.  That explains the lack of blogging.  Well, that and Facebook and this.  Like I really needed another online time suck.  It's also been soccer season, with Twin #2's team going all the way to the last sectional game.  Twin #1 is playing Maria in the high school's West Side Story.  So starting tomorrow I head into Drama Mama assignments.  We are caught the TEH BUSY and can't get out!

What's new with you my darlings?  I've missed you all so much.