Friday, February 25, 2011

Song to Hate Me By #4

I freakin love this song, especially that base note on "sky".

Doing this post allows me to dive into total denial that the USA is going to Hell in a handbasket.  Billionaires doing their best to bust unions and buy up our energy plants.  Propaganda media duping the average stupid American into voting against their best interest.  The current disdain for anything or anyone intelligent.  The worship of greed.  The rampant arrogance.  The glorification of ignorance.  Makes me want to scream.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

He's Back! He's Back!

Coaster Punchman is BACK!
And I'll finally learn what happens in all those stories he started.

Monday, February 21, 2011

A yin-yang weekend

A very weird weekend - filled with frivolous girly things and deep concerns for the Mideast and unions.

First the fun yin part:  Twin #1 and friends needed to be in downtown Minneapolis all day Friday, Friday night, and Saturday morning for All-State Music Festivals.  So we took advantage of the all-state discount and booked a room.  Then of course I invited a sister to go with me.  Sister Cheesecake Maven came along and we had a well-deserved yet wickedly expensive time.

Traveling Nicolett Avenue we discovered La Belle Crepe - a little tiny literal hole-in-the-wall serving amazing food for pennies.  They had French Sipping Chocolate which was coffee, dark chocolate, angel tears, ecstasy, eros, agape, and the collective sigh of humanity in a small cup.  DAMN that stuff was good!

For supper we splurged on fondue at The Melting Pot.  We ordered the full dinner for two starting with swiss cheese fondue, the assorted meats & seafood cooked in red wine broth, and ending with the dark chocolate fondue.  We both just crapped our pants with joy.  Below is someone else's photo, not mine.

Next morning was BACK to La Belle Crepe for breakfast - can you tell I'm in love?  Then on to Macy's for bra shopping.  Remember my post about the horrors of this?  Well "Donna" in Macy's intimates dept made it all better.

 Then the yang:  watching with horror the news Saturday morning that the Bahrain military had opened fire on unarmed civilians.  And each of us growing more disgusted with the Wisconsin GOP.  Seriously?  Cutting collective bargaining rights for a labor group?  I would agree that there can be some talk about cutting benefits, but bargaining rights should be a given.  I also understand that this GOP Governor very quickly squandered a surplus and wants to right the boat on the backs of working folks.  How very GOP of him.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Feel like bringin da funk for Valentine's Day.  Have a good one!
Hard to say who does this one best.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Not about the food?

Today I heard something that made my head whip around.  Some "expert" was on TV talking about addictions.  He was saying "it's NEVER about all the things you're buying, and it's NEVER about the sex, and it's NEVER about the food!"

Well excuse me mister and stop right there.  I'm overweight because the FOOD is exactly what it's all about!

I've done a lot of personal research and I can tell you that I'm fat because I freaking LOVE FOOD!  I don't binge but I certainly eat more than my share of deliciousness.  I turn down plenty of unappetizing things but don't you dare stand between me and some sage-n-onion stuffing!

How can anyone say it's not about the coolness of Top-the-Tater on a salty ridged potato chip?
Or the tenderness of a perfectly grilled salmon fillet with a bit of dill sauce?
Or crusty Italian bread dredged through fresh olive oil and giant chunks of grated black pepper?

And a grilled turkey panini with roasted red peppers and plenty of melted cheese - OOoooohhh like a party in my mouth that is!
And you just don't know heaven until you try my grilled bruschetta with fresh mozzarella.
Or my cousin's teeny tiny homemade red pepper cheddar crackers,
or my mother-in-law's homemade gnocchi.
Does anyone else nearly achieve ecstasy with a perfect plate of sushi?
Does flourless chocolate torte with hot coffee make you weak in the knees like me?

It's not emotional - when I'm upset I can't eat.
It's not bingeing - I've never eaten an entire pie or carton of ice cream and I stop when full.
It's not all food - it has to be really really tasty and wonderful.  I'm very picky.

So BACK OFF JACKSON if you think my fatness is somehow a character flaw.  I'm fat because I'm really passionate about good food and I want to taste it all.

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Winter of my Random Discontent

1. Finished "Just Kids" by Patti Smith.  I understood maybe 3 references in the whole book.

2. I love salmon.  Why does it have to cost so much?

3. As a kid, I used to think I was mentally challenged and no one wanted to tell me.

4. I'm speaking at the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life in April.

5. The hair on my upper lip grows far too fast.

6. I love food.  I mean I really love food.  And for an overweight woman that is not a good thing.

7.  I've started sleeping better since wearing my black-out eye mask.  I always felt a kinship with Margaret Drysdale.

8. Days just go better for me if I get up early.  But sometimes I have to schedule something to force it.

9. Wish I were going on a vacation this weekend.

10. Don't think I can take another weekend holed-up in our little house.