Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Aunt Mike's Wife, Uncle Shirley

This is my sister, and wife to Aunt Mike, Uncle Shirley. Shirley has turned 44 in the past year, but she's still younger than me and therefore must always bow to my superiority and fetch me things when I ask.

Shirley makes cheesecake that would make the Pope swear. She's also a great artist and community volunteer. If there is a need in town, Shirley's working on it. She is also a voracious reader - must run in the family. As a teen, one of my creative friends started calling her Squirrel-bait.

We were raised by no-nonsense Iowa farmers, and Squirrel-bait won the lottery on those genes. She's had odd kharma that has caused her to take animals out of their misery. In the highly liberal college town where we both received our degrees, it was her mercy-killing talents that brought her to a crowd of folks sobbing over a bird with a seriously broken wing. Shirley had the sense to put it out of it's misery and stomp on it's head. The onlooking crowd was ready to string her up. This type of incident has happened more than once. Poor Squirrel-bait.

This photo was a hilarious moment when I dared her to jump in the foam pit at the gymnastics center during a birthday party. Ever tried to climb out of a pit of foam while laughing your ass off? It's not easy and can't be done with any measure of dignity or decorum. You have to huff and sweat and contort yourself just to reach the edge. I also have this on video, which is even funnier. She won't be happy with this image but it makes me laugh ever time, and it's my blog, so there.

Hats off to Uncle Shirley!

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