Monday, January 7, 2008

TAG, I'm it!

Blogging pal MG asks "What social activity or situation do you avoid because of a personal insecurity (silly, serious or otherwise)?"

I've always been the outrageous obnoxious type that doesn't let many insecurities get in my way. My blubber-body goes to the beach. My acne-scarred face is in photos. You get the idea.

However, since my little skirmish with breast cancer in 2003 I've developed a strange performance anxiety problem. I've always loved to sing, and singing in public was no problem: solo, with a group, anything. But now I get the oddest dizzy feeling and start swaying like a willow tree. This even happens if I'm in a large group, say singing hymns at church or the National Anthem at sporting events. It's quite embarrassing and I hate it - I miss singing!!


michaelg said...

That's really strange. A lovely new, rebuilt rack that makes you swoon while singing in public. Let's google those symptoms. It didn't stop you and your gassy sis from singing railroad songs at full volume on the LRT however. Hmmmm.

Mnmom said...

But note, I wasn't standing.

michaelg said...

Ah ha! I have a hair brained idea! (surprise)
Call me!

michaelg said...
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