Friday, February 29, 2008

I just called, have you?

I just called all three of my Congressional Reps: Sen. Norm Coleman, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, and Rep. John Kline. Have you called yours yet? Phone numbers for DC and local offices can be found at Took me all of 3 minutes - it's the least we can do. The very least.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Time to Speak Up, America

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Roger Clemens' denial of steroid use warrants further investigation, Congress said Wednesday in asking the Justice Department to determine whether the star pitcher lied under oath in testimony to a House committee. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee chairman Henry Waxman and ranking Republican Tom Davis sent a letter to Attorney General Michael Mukasey, urging more scrutiny of Clemens' statements in a Feb. 5 sworn deposition and at a Feb. 13 public hearing where he said he "never used anabolic steroids or human growth hormone."

Why in the world is Congress chasing Roger Clemens when we have world-class treasonous war criminals right in our White House? How can our Congressional Representatives seriously pretend to seek vengeance against sports figures when our supposed President, VP, and his administration have committed high crimes and misdemeanors? They are guilty of TREASON folks, and we need to pressure our Senators and Congressmen to do they real job they swore to do - to uphold the Constitution and protect our democracy from all enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC.

I couldn't care less right now if Roger Clemens was shooting up, but I really do care if my government is shredding the Constitution. There is the real crime.

Go to to look up the contact information of your elected officials. We should all be completely outraged over this massive waste of time, and this blatant denial of serious impeachable offenses. Constituents have a job in this democracy too, and that's to hold Congress's feet to the fire.

Monday, February 25, 2008

My smug, catty, uneducated, judgemental look at Oscars 2008

This year I saw absolutely NONE of the movies nominated, and frankly NONE of the movies containing actors and actresses nominated. But like every year past, I watch to see the gowns and the hairdos. It's late winter here, I'm pasty as bread dough, and needed to know that beauty, or something similar, can still be purchased by the rich and famous. What better way to make myself feel better than to mock spray-on tans, bad hair, expensively ugly dresses, and inflated celebrity egos?

Oh Tilda, I'm sure plenty of folks like your lean mean look. But would just a little mascara or lipstick just kill the whole thing? Guess makeup for your part in the Narnia movie must have been a cinch. Love the Hefty dress too - my mom made me a bat costume for Halloween out of the same material. Sorry you lost the other arm to it - maybe it fell off in the limo. Hot glue only lasts so long you know.

Guess lots of ladies got the "Red or Black" dress memo. I didn't realize the theme this year was playing cards.

This is one woman in serious need of a double cheeseburger.

Poor Penelope Cruz, forced to wear a black toilet brush.

Miley Cyrus - nothing says paternal love like pimping out your 15-year-old. Did you notice her pouty-lip look? SHE'S 15 FOLKS!!!!!

Was anyone else irritated that George Clooney's girlfriend looks like a high school senior? What do they talk about? His hair? She wasn't even born when he was on Roseanne playing Booker. Ew. Wonder if they skipped the after-parties because of her curfew? Does she make him wear Polo?

This woman is proof that I'm totally uninformed about pop culture. Who is she?

Cate Blanchett is adorable, but those clips of her playing Bob Dylan made me feel embarrassed, like when your best friend thinks she does a seriously good impression of Celine Dion and you can't stand to set her straight but you also can't stand to listen one more second.

Miss Diaz - yes you are wonderfully pretty in an odd over-tanned way and you have way more money than most of us will ever see, and you don't need to do one thing to impress me. But couldn't you have done SOMETHING with your hair? I mean, a ponytail? That's all you can muster for the Oscars? I've seen better hairdos at the grocery store.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Seriously?? SERIOUSLY??!!

(CNN) -- Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama defended himself and his wife Sunday against suggestions that they are insufficiently patriotic.
Asked during a town hall meeting in Lorain, Ohio, about "an attempt by conservatives and Republicans to paint you as unpatriotic," a questioner cited the fact that Obama once failed to put his hand over his heart while singing the national anthem.

The questioner also noted that the Illinois senator does not wear an American flag lapel pin, has met with former members of the radical anti-Vietnam War group, Weather Underground, and his wife was quoted recently as saying she never felt really proud of the United States until recently

He doesn't wear an American flag lapel pin?? Have we really stooped to this level?? I am one hell of a patriot; I support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, I have educated myself through reading about the founding of our country, I vote in every election, I attend every caucus, I volunteer, I pay my taxes, I follow laws, I eat potato salad on July 4th, I buy bonds, I know my neighbors, and I sing the anthem with gusto. But I don't recite the pledge because I find it fascist, and I sure don't put my hand over my heart. I don't wear insipid little lapel pins, nor do I put asinine ribbon magnets on my car. My God, we are as shallow as the world thinks we are.

Stomach Flu Redux

I've been AWOL with the worst case of stomach flu ever. That is some nasty, disgusting juju. I've barely eaten since Thursday, which my rotund figure can take thanks to my sincere efforts to pack on weight to keep from freezing to death. Today the weather is in the 30's which we Minnesotans call Summer. I'm up to solid foods now and even chanced a small piece of pizza last night. God is in heaven and all is right with the world.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Not a good response

This story makes me very sad. I don't see anything good coming from folks carrying concealed weapons to protect themselves against random shooters. I don't even pretend to have to answers to this craziness, but having fearful adolescents carrying firearms seems like a horribly bad idea. How do we, as a society, grab the reins of reason?? How CAN we protect ourselves against unexplained and seemingly unmotivated violence?? Some questions just keep me awake at night. I suspect I'm not alone.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Guess some folks just like the cold

From our local news:
A 22-year-old St. Cloud woman is in custody -- after authorities found her allegedly riding a bicycle around St. Cloud with a shotgun strapped to her back. The woman is a convicted felon and there was also a warrant out for her arrest. She's being held on charges of felon in possession of a firearm and carrying a firearm in a public place. Authorities got a call at about 11:15 last night, saying a person was riding a bicycle near 3rd Street North and 16th Avenue North with a firearm on his or her lap.

Apparently, it's not too cold for a little bike ride. Gives new meaning to drive-by shooting. Maybe it's a new Winter Olympic event and she's just training. I'm surprised the gears work in these temps. St. Cloud is an hour north of me, meaning even colder.

Monday, February 18, 2008

A Sad Cold Day

We made a very sad and adult decision today. Given our current state of financial crisis, we have canceled Spring Break in Myrtle Beach SC. We belong to bluegreen vacation club, and last October put our points in for a nice condo on the beach in late March. So the lodging is paid for, but we just don't have the cash to get there nor to continue eating each day, which is kind of important to us. We made our announcement to the kids and they were incredibly calm and reasonable about it. It's all the more crushing since we have nothing to look forward to right now but more bone-achy cold Minnesota winter.

One option is to take the kids to the Wisconsin Dells, but frankly I'd rather chew on tin foil. Just looking at the pic reminds me what it involves - gross, fat, white Midwesterners in ill-fitting swimsuits - and that's just my husband and I. It also means sharing space with 154,000 other kids and their screams, saggy swim diapers, and toe jam. And each day will entail at least one trip to the outrageously over-priced snack bar to have cranky teens sell me nachos and corn dogs. I can feel the heartburn now.

I need the ocean, I need the sand, I need the sun, I need to go barefoot, I need fresh seafood, I need warm salty air, I need grits and shrimp, I need to sleep with the windows open and hear the waves. Not this year I guess.

The Great White North

Temp right now is 1 below. The winds are high and I don't even want to KNOW what the windchill is. This is getting so old and painful. I'm overeating in a vain attempt to feel warm. Made a wicked lasagna with pepperjack cheese instead of mozzerella.

Some good notes: Our old van, Mabel, still somehow starts no matter the frigid weather. The heat is still on. The tea kettle works. Our roads are clear.

My family from Iowa was visiting over the weekend. On Sunday their area was hit with yet more snow, gleefully blowing horizontally, and a lot of freezing rain. We celebrated with a bottle of Plungerhead red. Seemed like the right thing to do.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Try having THIS in your head!

I spent from 2am until about 5am in our local ER today. Twin #1 has a bad sprain. We're home now, safe and sound, with a splint and crutches, eating buttered toast.
During the entire ER visit, THIS song was stuck in my head. Our blogging pals MG, Kirelimel, and MG's partner all share the burden of having the world's most obnoxious songs creep into our craniums. It was quite a night.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Things I May Not Miss

When my children are grown and gone, I know I'll miss so many things - it will be a heartache for sure. But some things, not so much. Older parents out there - set me straight if need be.

1. Hair brushes, hair bands, ponytail holders, and all other hair products in every nook and cranny.
2. Slumber parties
3. "Can I have a playdate over?"
4. Being interrupted in the bathroom every single time
5. Dirty socks, taken off at random and left there
6. Disney Channel & Nickelodeon
7. Constant bickering
8. Kids who play in public restrooms - seriously - if there's foamy soap there it'll take us an extra 5 minutes.
9. Having my office supplies disappear. What is it with girls and tape, highlighters, scissors, and staplers. Don't even get me STARTED on the post-it notes. And it does absolutely NO GOOD to get them their own. They'll always prefer mine.
10. Dishing out cash.
11. "Quit playing with those crutches . . . because you don't NEED to play with those crutches . . . I mean it!! Put them back in the basement . . . RIGHT NOW! . . . DID YOU HEAR ME??! . . . PUT THOSE CRUTCHES BACK RIGHT NOW!!!!"
Repeat 10 times.
12. Candyland & Chutes and Ladders. My Bad Mom admission: when our youngest was 3, I threw them away. When the twins were little, I stacked the Candyland deck with all the double squares and threw out all the single square cards.
13. The end-of-the-year elementary school talent show.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Now THIS would break the late-winter monotony!

Wish I rode THIS bus.

The Blue and the Gray

Get ready for a cranky rant - I have issues with February.

I really do like winter, I have nothing against winter, but lately it's been getting me down. February and early March are frankly hard for me - this is when I pay the fiddler to live in an otherwise spectacular climate.

This time of year in the Upper Midwest is just plain ugly. The snow is dirty, the ice is thick, folks are pale and cranky, my winter coat is dirty and smelly, the car is a pit, the skies are uniform iron gray, and the sun makes sporadic appearances. And I don't like Valentine's day. I resent being told by corporations that I need to express my affection by purchasing their crap. My husband and I have an alternative holiday - I make him a lasagna and he cleans out the van.

I used to have hopes that late winter would be a time to throw another log on the fire and curl up with a hot drink and a good book. But no, life goes on at the same pace. I still have to load groceries, haul kids, and sweep out the garage. Our schedule is just as full as ever. Only now we have to work around piles of dirty and frozen precipitation.

February - not my favorite.

Is it blogspot or is it just me?

Anyone have occasional problems with functions on your blogs?
Some days I can comment on your blog, and some days it just won't accept me for anything.
Some days I can start a new post, and sometimes I'm better off giving up.
Most days I can post a photo, and some days it's just not going to happen.
Anyone else?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Doing Jack Shit

I'm on my second day of doing diddley-squat. I haven't been called in to sub and I'm left to my own devices. Yesterday I slept in until 8:30, read the paper, did some laundry, sorted said laundry, and picked up the downstairs. Did I mention that my family is a bunch of pigs? I was gone all day Sunday at twin #1's volleyball tourney and the house went to pot. To top off my lazy spree we ordered pizza for dinner. We had collected some very fine coupons and got 4 pizzas for $10.

Today I'll do more never-ending laundry. May even make a batch of cookies. I'd go for a walk but the air hurts. Our high today will be about 8 above. This afternoon I plan to nestle on the sofa for about an hour of reading. For tomorrow its back to work.

This must be what it's like to be George W. Bush, except without the airplane rides to my next vacation.

If you're a Mom, or just play one on TV, you'll love the book pictured above.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Thinking Positive

Just reminding myself that summer really DOES happen here. Isn't downtown Minneapolis pretty?

Doing Better

Current temp is 2 above, but send provisions anyway.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Frozen again

It's cold again. Current temp is 8 below. That's without the windchill. Why do we live here?????

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Cherish what's mine today

Watch the clip above. Before you roll your eyes at another song from the New Christy Minstrels, hear me out. I really love this song and the lyrics just speak to me. Consider all the times in your life when you wish you had "cherished what's mine today" instead of thinking about the next school day, the next party, what was on TV, etc. Here's my list - mostly from my youth. I have become a great deal more grateful and present in my adult years. I'd like to see yours. If you listen while you list, it enhances the experience.

1. Eating food cooked by my Mom. Now that I'm the Mom, I can deeply appreciate her home cooked meals on the table every night. What I wouldn't give to be sitting at her strange kitchen table with it's bad lighting, having some pot roast with her.

2. Talking with my Dad. Sometimes he wanted to tell me a story, and I was just too cool, too tired, too busy to listen all the time. Now I have so many questions for him that will never get answers.

3. Living under one roof with my siblings. We had lots of fun and fights but I didn't appreciate how fleeting those years would be. I was in a hurry to grow up.

4. My young, strong, healthy body. I'm in pretty good health and not quite ready for the nursing home, but my teenage body was lovely and all I did was complain about it.

Aren't we wonderful???

Seems like everyone is blogging about their cooking skills these days, so I thougt I'd chime in. This is our Saturday here in Minnesota, and our cooking endeavors. First off, it's butt-numbing cold again. The wind is shrieking around the house like agitated abortion clinic protestors. Looks like a snow-globe out there. This photo depicts our fire pit with cooking irons.

So since it's so cold, we made a pan of baked beans with bacon on top. When survival is paramount, we go straight for the high fat foods. Yes, of course we have good central heat but you just never know up here so you'd better fatten up good. You know what happened to the Donner party.

Next we decided that fattening up meant sugar cookies. And in honor of Valentine's day they'd better be heart-shaped.

While the kids continued to roll out dough, I checked on the food supply in the garage. While there I made sure the van was still as dirty as could be - yep! Still dirty as hell and covered in road salt. You can hear the rust laughing at me if you listen really close.

See the piles of mud, crud, road salt, and snow on the garage floor? Here in the frozen tundra we call that car poop. It's a pain to sweep and shovel out. It turns black and slick, like oil but with absolutely no value on the export market. This photo is a mild pile of car poop - it's usually about 6 inches deep.

Finally the cookies were done. In my younger days, I would have fussed over them and created little creative marvels. But I have kids and hence many of my standards are in the toilet. So I just quickly frosted them and let the 8-year-old do the sprinkles. Third graders are much too liberal with embellishments - those sugary bb's are now all over my floor.

That's pretty much our Saturday. I also dyed my hair and we watched Urban Cowboy on TV in between cookie batches. Aren't we just something special????

Signs of the Apocalypse

Must be the end of the world approaching . . . I'm about to say something I never thought would leave my pen or mouth.

I'm defending the Republican Party.

What am I defending them for? This ridiculous idea that they are splintered and therefore dead in the water. It's the same thing "they", meaning the vulture media, said about the Democratic Party in the last presidential election.

The Republican Party is full of folks with a wide variety of ideas about economics, health care, the responsibilities of government, etc. And this naturally brings forth a variety of candidates seeking the nomination. Since when is it a crime to have a multitude of different ideas? Since when is it wrong to have a choice of candidates?

This multifaceted approach to government is the vary basis of a healthy society and a healthy government. When groups start to lock down to new ideas, especially ideas that create controversy and heated debate, we end up with facism. Now the Republican Party is hardly my idea of a bastion of new ideas, but at least there is variety among the conservatives. They aren't all alike. And for that I'm grateful.

Friday, February 8, 2008

More Proof

I love this song, and I love the Ozark Mountain Daredevils. I just bought this and 3 others from iTunes with my birthday gift card. I have NO affinity for trains, but it was the only video on youtube with this song.

I'm a dork, and a dweeb, and I have a lot of trailer trash hillbilly DNA in my blood.

The New Christy Minstrels

My mind is like a glass of pop - that's soda for you Easterners and Co'Cola for you Southerners. Anyway, my mind just has random thoughts float to the surface at the oddest moments. Today while subbing, I suddenly remembered the New Christy Minstrels.

The New Christy Minstrels was a groovin folk group. My folks and all the aunts and uncles loved them. When we all get got together, which was often, someone would put a NCM album on the big ole stereo and everyone sang along - loudly. Within 2 listens we'd have it memorized then just sing it on our own to Uncle Sam's banjo and my Dad trying to follow on the harmonica.

I still like the NCM - wonder if I can find them on iTunes? Happy stuff, like polka music. Yeah, I'm a dork but I'm a HAPPY dork.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Friends don't let Friends blog drunk

A good friend took another good friend and I out for dinner tonight. First we talked business. Then he ordered drinks all around and now I'm under the wonderfully cozy influence of a margarita the size of my minivan. I am so frantically fun right now - too bad for my husband that the kids are still awake.

Last night I had a painful experience much like the torments of blogging pal MG. Around 11pm, a song out of left field jumped into my head and would not stop. A little history here: I'm the sister that all the siblings call when they can't think of an actor's name or the theme song to some sitcom from our childhood. But this time, I had the theme song in my head but couldn't remember the sitcom. Like backwards dementia. I lay in bed, wide awake, for an hour with this swirling in my grey matter:

Give us any chance we'll take it
Give us any rule, we'll break it
We're gonna make our dre-eams come true!
Nothin's gonna turn us back now
Straight ahead and on the track now
We're gonna make our dreams come true!
And we'll do it our way, yes, our way
Make all our dreams come true
For me and you.


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Kids These Days

I've been doing a lot of subbing at our Middle School and High School. I'm spending the next few days at a Charter school full of what I now understand to be emo and scene kids. Teenagers haven't changed one little bit, except for the outside. They are just as clueless and disabled as we were. Just as gawky, just as awkward, just as annoying, just as creepy as every previous generation. I wouldn't repeat those years for anything. And now I'm the smirking adult who's singing "just you wait 'enry 'iggins, just you wait!" under my breath. Someone ought to tell those boys that tight pants can render them sterile.

The crowd that ate our caucuses

This is what I encountered at our caucuses last night. It was inbelievable!!! I don't know whether to be annoyed at the inconvenience or amazed at the patriotic voter turnout.
Ours were held at a large Middle School with ample parking. Yet the lot was full and the cars were backed up for at least 1.5 miles. It looked like the final scene in "Field of Dreams".
Once inside things didn't improve. Our DFL party was in no way prepared for the onslaught. No one knew where to go or what to do. It was like buying sugar in Russia. You had to mill around asking strangers what line they were standing in, and then figure out if you were in the correct one. Then you had to scrunch through the crowds (pardon me, excuse me, pardon me, pardon me, excuse me) to find the END of the line and wait your patient liberal ass off until it was your turn to vote.

Then we caucused - which is when all the folks in your voting precinct make resolutions to add to the DFL state platform. Luckily all of the Dems in my group made simple, easy-to-vote-on statements. I was home by 10pm.

The good news is that Barack Obama enjoyed a thumping good victory in Minnesota thanks to all those folks who politely braved the event. I'm still an Edwards supporter but work with what you have. I'm sure Hillary Clinton would do an excellent job as President but I'm just plain tired of the Clintons and the Bushes. It's time for some fresh blood.


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Caucus Tonight!

Hold onto your hats - it's caucus in Minnesota. Here we call the Democratic Party the DFL. It stands for Democratic Farmer Labor Party. Our caucus nights are a mess - it's one long evening. But I feel it's my duty as an American citizen. Wish we had primaries instead. Sigh. The fun news is that my usually a-political husband is coming along! Whoo-hooo! That means he's sick enough of the state of affairs to get politically involved. This is a historic moment folks. I'll report back tomorrow.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Mnmom: The Ralphie Years

I was just cleaning out a closet and found this gem. I was probably 8, so it would be 1970. Starting on the right, we have me. Complete in my favorite plush coat and long stocking cap. The glasses however were not my favorite. I was cursed with the worst eyesight imaginable and have been wearing the ugliest glasses since first grade.

Next we have my World Class Best Friend Bethany. Bethany is now the coolest, hippest single woman living in a gorgeous 7 bedroom home in Boston. I miss her greatly. We were best friends through all of childhood and college. She knows all my warts and loves me still.

Next we have an unknown - it might be my sister Cheesecake Maven, but I have my doubts. That kid is too tall to be my little sister.

Next is Bethany's kid brother Mike.

We are enjoying a lovely winter afternoon at our small town skating rink. That was THE social spot in the cold months. I always enjoyed the groovy graffiti left by the big kids in the warming shack, and looked forward to the day when I could be cool like them. All warming shacks at outdoor ice rinks smell the same, and the odor takes me right back to childhood.

The Super Bowl and Sliders

Another Super Bowl Sunday, come and gone.
Way to Go New York Giants! I was rooting for the Giants for two very good reasons:
1. Randy Moss plays for the Patriots, and I did NOT want Randy Moss to enjoy a Super Bowl Victory. While playing for the Vikings here in Minnesota, Randy was the stereotypical punk. He is the King of mean spirited, spoiled professional athletes. All that talent and money and all the guy can do with himself is break the law and generally be a rotten person. One example - while stuck in traffic Mr. Moss believed himself to be entitled to a free trip around. He drove around the mess and bumped the traffic officer with his car, attempting to push her out of the way. I don't like Randy Moss.
2. My husband is a New Yorker. Somehow he ended up a Dallas Cowboys fan since childhood. One of the many mysteries that is my husband's brain. The Giants beat the Cowboys to go to the Super Bowl, but at least they were his second pick. So cheer for New York we did.

I made mini-sliders for half time. A pound of good ground beef to which I added lots of minced fresh onion, salt, pepper, crushed garlic, and worc. sauce. Grilled them up well with all the fixins. But alas the buns I bought were just a bit big, so my happy little burgers resembled the "Where's the Beef?" commercial. We ate them anyway and they were delicious. And the house smelled like a great sports bar.

During all this, Hillary Clinton was in the Twin Cities but I just couldn't be bothered. I'm rooting for Obama anyway.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

It's a Jolly Holiday with Michael . . . .

My twins and I had a marvelous time today with MG in the Twin Cities. We met him at the famous Southdale Mall in Edina, MN - renowned for being the very first such indoor mall in the nation - way to go Minnesota!

First we spent a fair amount of time at various skin care and make-up counters in Macy's. MG introduced me to Origins skin care and swears I'll see a difference in my oily skin and adult acne. Wish I could believe you MG, but I've had so very many disappointing promises, yet still have acne.

Then it was on to Midori's Floating World restaurant where we devoured copious amounts of sushi. MG introduced us to the delicious #9 roll. He was right - it was perfection. If you visit MG's blog soon, you'll see photos!!

Then back to the mall for hairdos, shopping, and coffee drinks. We told my 14-year-olds some hairy stories about our lives in the early 80's. They about wet their pants when we told them about some of our favorite outfits and hairdos. Ooohh all those neon colors and leg warmers for God's sake. I tried to find a photo of me in those glory days, but all I could find is a pic of me pooping my pants in my high chair - somewhat similar.

A perfect day all around. Many thanks MG - we just love you to pieces.

MG will just blush a thousand shades when I say this, but that is one handsome man!! MG is the famed tall and dark, with beautifully chiseled features and glorious eyes. I feel prettier just walking next to him. He's also smart, funny, gracious, and hilarious. I feel lucky to have such a great guy as a friend.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Observations from a sick day

I'm home sick today with an odd bug. Lucky for me, not sick enough to miss these observations.

1. Whole wheat toast just goes right through.
2. 7-up tastes like being sick
3. When I watch those baby-delivery shows on TLC, I cry big fat tears every time the baby is born, like I don't know how it ends. I'll always wail "Oh, it's a baby!" then cry until my contacts get smeary.
4. Strangely, even when I'm sick, I still love cooking shows. Emeril was making some mean looking sirloin sliders with horseradish cream. I think that will be on the menu for the Super Bowl.
5. Aleve is so much more effective for headaches than Ibuprofen or Tylenol.
6. Good thing we have that box of widowed socks on the dryer - I'm way too lazy to go upstairs and get a good pair.
7. Reality TV is the major contributing factor to the dumbing-down of American culture.
8. People come and go quite a bit around here during the day, and they slam their car doors with earnest.
9. I don't understand global economics.
10. My family is a bunch of pigs. If I'm out of commission for even a few hours, everything goes to the dogs. The kitchen's a mess, they can't aim properly for the trash can, recycling piles up, etc. You get the picture. Love them all - I'd take a bullet for any of them - but can't they just wipe something down now and then?
11. And wouldn't you know it - I get a great invite from one of my favorite friends to go to the Cities for an evening out with other fun women. At least I have my plans with MG tomorrow.

We're havin a heat wave!

The temp is up to 19 above, and projected to reach into the 20s this weekend. I'm ready to hose down the patio furniture, get out the shorts, and start grilling some steaks. Anyone for a cold Corona with lime? Whew! It's a hot one.