Thursday, January 24, 2008

Seen in every corner of Minnesota today

I've always wanted one of these hats, and today I'll REALLY want one. Our temp right now is 13 below. As my sis said the other day, it's amazing how the teenagers still leave my house in this weather dressed in the absolute minimum while I'm needing long johns and electric socks. I've bumped the heat up to an incredible global-warming Republican-like 70 degrees and it's still uncomfortable.

Why do we live here? Outside of this, the weather here is usually beautiful and keeps us on our toes with it's variety. You haven't lived until you've seen an enormous midwestern thunderstorm come rolling in over the plains. Or walked in the falling snow at night.

Just keep my toes from freezing and I'll enjoy the frozen sunny skies.

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Cheesecake Maven said...

Just posted Ed's photo in his a couple of years ago, before he was too cool for winter gear. Stay warm up there!