Monday, January 27, 2020

In a dark place AKA Minnesota

Actually the sun is starting to creep back into our dark northern world, or rather daylight.  At this time of the year the sun is hiding - as local meteorologists say we can either have sun or warmth, not both. I want both - that's just how I roll.

Anyone else considering ditching Facebook and Lord Fauntleroy and his ugly Caesar haircut?

So much ugly happening in the world right now.  The true Russian fire hose of hate. They are spraying us with shit from every angle and it's hard to focus. What are you focused on now?  I should be pushing all my energy into climate change, but I find myself calling GOP reps and telling them what sickly cowards I think they are. Because my phone calls are really going to stop them from taking Russian money, right?

So what are you all up to? I bumped into a friend the other day, and we both agreed life is kind of boring right now and that's PERFECTLY FINE! No one close to us is dying. No one's parent's house needs to be cleaned out. Appreciate the lulls life gives you. Take some time to clean out your closets.