Saturday, January 12, 2008

Another list challenge

Saw this on another blog: You’ve just learned that tomorrow you will die at sunrise. Tell me the five things you regret and the five things you don’t.

1. Being so afraid of life. Afraid to move far away when I was single, afraid to do well in school, afraid to break up with crappy boyfriends, you get the picture.
2. Letting myself get so fat.
3. Being mean and snotty to my parents - they deserved better. They're gone and I'll never get the chance to apologize.
4. Like the old midwestern saying; getting too soon old and too late smart.
5. Not getting my teacher's license while in college.

1. Having kids. They are my oxygen and I love them so much it hurts.
2. Marrying John. He's a rock and my best friend.
3. Moving to Minnesota. LOVE it here.
4. Getting my bunions fixed at age 25.
5. Getting my BA at a large University. I think it prepared me for the real world, where you are on your own, and no one will call to see why you're skipping class.
6. And just one more: stalking Al Franken and other favorite politicos.

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