Sunday, January 22, 2012

Did you know . . . .

Someone here had a birthday last week????????

Friday, January 20, 2012

Poor Design

Today at work, I saw a maintenance guy cleaning out the drip tray on the ice machine.  He was chuckling to himself.  So of course being the busy-body Gladys Kravitz that I am I asked what was so funny.  He pointed out that the drain for the tray was 1/4" above the bottom, therefore meaning that 1/4" inch of water will ALWAYS be standing in the tray.

So all present started sharing stories of poor design.

One woman said the brand-new ball field of her town had to be redone.  The contractor had somehow made a hill in the outfield that made it impossible to see home plate.

I recalled a Subway restaurant at home that installed a wheelchair ramp.  The skinny ramp, with a rail, ran up to a small stoop.  Then the door opened out, toward the ramp, and covered the entire stoop.

Carleton College would like everyone to forget their giant sidewalk penis.  They spent a lot of $$$ to make it disappear, but thanks to the inner-webs it will live forever.

Our local hospital had a brand-new sculpture installed in their brand-new lobby.   But it quickly become dangerous.  Seems everyone was clunking their head on it.  They finally installed a planter ring around the bottom after a physician got a concussion.

Anyone have a better story??