Saturday, February 13, 2016

Frank has a problem

I'm really tired of this hating on the poor, really really feckin tired.

I got into it with a friend. Let's call this friend Frank.  Frank gets his boxers all in a twist at the idea of food stamps, you know, the old "why do I have to work so hard to feed someone who's not willing to work?"

All Frank sees is lazy people all over America taking $20 bills out of his pocket to fuel their drug-addled existence.  Frank refuses to look at facts because they destroy his narrative.  The FACT is that most food and housing assistance folks are white, are working full time, have less than 2 kids, and are off assistance within 2 years.  Literally extending your hand to help a fellow American get back on his feet.

What Frank also refuses to see is the FACT that obscenely wealthy individuals and corporations are indeed taking $100 bills out of his pocket to subsidized corporate jets, off shore accounts, bonuses to failing CEOs, and vacation homes.

Only one of these facts makes Frank's blood boil.  Frank has a problem.