Thursday, January 3, 2008

Be sure to VOTE!

To all my fellow area Minnesotans, be sure to VOTE for DFLer Kevin Dahle in the special election today. We cannot let Ray Cox return to the MN Legislature - he is no friend of education or progress in general.

I subbed in a science classroom yesterday that had 38 students in it. I kid you not, 38 kids and one teacher. That is a direct result of Ray Cox and his fellow Republicans voting against an increase in education funding.

Cuts in public education hurt us all, not just students and their parents. These kids are being flung into the future seriously ill-prepared to function in society - unless they live in an area well-funded through commercial taxes. But if they live in a school district almost entirely funded by residential property tax, they are SOL. Try telling someone in those districts that this administration didn't raise their taxes.

A big pat on the back to my fellow Iowans caucusing tonight - WAY TO GO IOWA!!!!

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