Monday, January 5, 2009

A New Zealot

On the drive home we listened to one of my all time favorite soundtracks: Jesus Christ Superstar. I know this whole movie by heart and still rock out with it when I'm alone.

The above portion is one great moment - the dancing, the energy, all centered on Simon Zealot. Check out the lame dancer in gold pants at about 4:25. Cracks me up everytime.

Well now our little 9-year-old beanster has become a new devotee. She's obsessed with the movie, and has frequent questions I can't answer. How do you explain symbolism and artistic rendition to a very literal fourth grader?
"Mom, why are there tanks in this movie? They didn't have tanks back then!"
"Mom, why are they all acting sad at the end?"
"Mom, did Herod really act like that?"


Madame Leiderhosen said...

Never enough gold pants.

Life As I Know It Now said...

that does it--now I have to watch that movie again!

Unknown said...

LOL, oh my gosh, the did you know those people really mom line!!!

BTW, my software is Jasc Paint Shop Photo. It came with the Dell, but it has some cool options.

Unknown said...

the above is the addy for my blog templates...really easy to do...even I figured it out!

Shannon said...

Sounds exactly like questions Julia would ask.

Little Sister said...

Oh the memories...dancing in front of the picture windows at night wearing a crocheted/macrame vest over swimsuit and tights with sandals...GOD I loved this movie!

michaelg said...

Never seen it all the way through. Do you have it on DVD?

Melinda June said...

I, too, can sing this thing credit to credit, but I'm best at the Judas role. The songs are exactly in my register. Plus he gets all the funky baselines. That said, I've been known to be seduced by the charms of a Ted Neeley look-alike or two. And I even went to see Ted and Carl perform live in Seattle when they did the touring show in the 90's.

Solidarity, sister.

Mnmom said...

YES MG! I have it one DVD. Sounds like we'd better plan a trip to see Melinda June and Ruth and have a sing-a-long JCSS party!

Melinda June - exactly my register too! "It was beautiful but now it sour, yes it's allll, gooonnnnee soouourouoaurourorouroru"

Anonymous said...

GOD I loved this movie!
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