Thursday, January 29, 2009

A good night's sleep

Sleep has become a bit elusive here lately.

First off, the neighbors have dogs that are not long for this world, if I have anything to do with it. First the Labrador retriever starts up, then the Pomeranians have to chime in. Granted it only lasts maybe 20 seconds, but it happens at 2 hour intervals and I'm ready to commit dogicide. My cousin, in the vet business, says I could put Tylenol in balls of raw hamburger and throw them over the fence. They'd die and the Tylenol would never show up. Oh shut up, I'm not going to kill them for real but I want them silenced.

Second, we have an old lumpy mattress. I was actually whimpering reading Melinda June's description of her new bed. Four years ago we made the horrid mistake of buying an ultrafirm mattress. Now our hips and shoulders have bruises and my hands fall asleep, which wakes me up. Oh the irony of it all.

And last, I've developed an embarrassing snoring habit. I snort myself out of sound sleep more often than I'd like to admit. Yes, I've been tested and it's not bad enough to call it sleep apnea. I'm pushing for one of those astronaut-face-mask CPAP thingys anyway. Hubby snores too, and his cpap is gathering dust in the closet.

It's all a conspiracy, I swear.


Madame Leiderhosen said...

Live longer, treat apnea. The machines these days are self adjusting and so much quieter, but all the same I leave the Steven to his apnea machine and sleep in his office.

Poor Miss. It's rough not getting enough quality sleep; do you need your own room and maybe a featherbed topper to nest in? What else shall we dream up? A pony?

Unknown said...

I swear by those machines...dh has one and uses it and I sleep so much better, too...

Barking dogs...every two hours? arghhhh...

Unknown said...

oh ugh! Both my sis and dad have cpap's and honestly, they are almost soothing the white noise the emit and I've had to sleep with my sis and it's sort of pleasant.
We've lived through the neighbor dog issues too......and gee if I'd known that tylenol thing I might have been tempted.

Hope you sleep better, my latest sleep flashes............UGH!

Churlita said...

I always have a fan on for the white noise. I started that when I lived above a bar and needed something to drown out the drunks.

lisahgolden said...

Okay, we must stop living parallel lives. This is just getting too weird.

Neighbor dogs? check
Too firm mattress? check
Snoring? Check, but I haven't been tested and MathMan's is worse than mine.

My biggest gripe is the mattress. I will never again go for firm or cheap. I can't sleep on my sides without my shoulders, hands and neck hurting and falling asleep.

Jennifer and Sandi said...


Have a happy weekend

- Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Get your neighbor's phone number and call them each and every time his dogs start barking.

Missy said...

Kirby--best advice evah.

Anonymous said...

Sleep has become a bit elusive here lately.
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