Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Minnesota New Year's Resolution

My New Year's resolution is to stick a sock in the mouth of anyone who claims Al Franken is not my legitimate senator! That includes you Norm Coleman, especially you. And that sock will be sweaty, dirty, and smelly - just like your politics.

If you can stomach it, watch what he said on Nov. 5th about any recount and the results.


Missy said...

You know, I just realized that he is the second "Al" to have his election taken to court in recent years.

I hope Al Franken does better than Al Gore.

If you need any extra socks, you just let me know! Norm...bleh.

Dr.John said...

Minnesota politics have reached the level of sop many other states.

Manifestation said...

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Jennifer and Sandi said...

I concur!!! I voted for Big AL. Now get on over to your seat Mr.Franken and Coleman needs to go find a new job!

Happy Minnesota Wednesday!

- Jennifer

Johnny Yen said...

Coleman is going to go out like the asshole that he is, isn't he?

It's really funny, how many Republicans ripped on Al Gore because he made sure to go through his legal remedies before conceding. Why aren't those people ripping on Coleman now?

Ironically, the New York Times reported that a lot of the precedents set in 2000 with the Gore thing actually helped Franken.

Now if we can get our Senator straightened out both there and here in Illinois...

Sheleta said...

Girl I'm so glad you're back. I was going to your site like three times a day hitting "refresh" looking for new jokes. I had to recycle your old jokes and laugh all over again!

lisahgolden said...

I just noticed some sock build up in the lonelies pile on top of the dryer. I'll send them right over. Do you have someone there who can stink them up?

Anonymous said...

I miss listening to Al on the radio. I hope the courts tell Coleman to go piss up a rope.

Anonymous said...

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