Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I LOVED the hat

Hey, folks! Lay off Aretha's hat! I loved that thing, and I thought she rocked it!

Like my friend Melissa, I think we women should start wearing big ole hats again. How regal! And I want to start with one like Ms. Franklin's.



Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

That hat is crazy and you know it. Bu I wasn't so much concerned by the hat as I was by the small planets that were orbiting Ms. Franklin.

Madame Leiderhosen said...

Darling Dr. Monkey, you funny guy: I'm considering sending you your own hat, something with sequins and searchlights on the top. Start looking for shoes to match.

As far as the celestial body that is Ms. Franklin: You just can't put every big voice in a tiny box. It's all gotta come from somewhere. Call it ballast. Did you like her rendition?

Missy said...

Franklin was HOT and she looks smaller than she has in recent years.

And MN Mom already mentioned how I feel about that hat! Oh I LOVE fancy hats!

And fedoras on guys! HANDSOME.

Think of how stimulating it would be to the millinery economy!

Joe said...

That hat was an awesome Sunday morning go to church hat. Not quite as full-on as an Easter parade hat, but close.

I didn't see her until after, but I heard her on the radio, and thought her voice was pretty bad, actually. She sounded screechy.

MommyLisa said...

Okay, it is Aretha Franklin. She has worn MUCH crazier stuff than that hat.

Unknown said...

I loved it! Crazy yes...but also elegant!

Sheleta said...

Girl she looked adorable. I just hope that the person sitting behind her in church when she wears it again is sitting on a stack of phone books. I love big old hats, I just don't like sitting behind the old lady wearing it to Sunday service. All you can see is the back of that head. No choir, no preacher, those hats are so big, they even block out Jesus!

michaelg said...

As my former boss Cyndi would say "Mmmmm hmmmm. She was WEARING that crown!"

I loved it.

laurie said...

i loved that damn hat too

Anonymous said...

I loved that thing, and I thought she rocked it!

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