Saturday, October 10, 2009

Interesting Morning

We woke to find the above all over town. Yes, that would be actual snow, on October 10th. For you folks who think Minnesota is like this year round, I'm telling you that just ain't the truth. Our falls can be beautiful, and our normal temp for early October is the low 60's. Not the low 40's we're having today.

When cupcake woke up I said, "Hey Honey, look outside!"
She did and said "SNOW! Jesus!"

Rounded up my pumpkin crop for a group photo. No, my bench isn't painted white - that's the snow that was supposed to melt soon but isn't. These pumpkins were quite satisfying to grow. If you have about 12-20 square feet of dirt to spare, I highly suggest planting these lovelies.

Here are other interesting happenings this morning:
Our new landlord is selling some lovely furniture. My neighbor, Lang, who is Vietnamese and speaks very little English is interested. I'm helping "broker" the sale. I love this neighbor and we discovered that another relative of hers lives right across the street from our new rental.

Dropping off Twin #1 at musical practice and noticing she's become quite attached to a pair of leopard print leggings I used to wear 1989 - 1992. I was quite the fox, let me tell you. Have to admit the extra 3" on her legs make them look a lot better.

I have another cold but I swear my complete obsession with Emergen-C is holding it to a minimum. I mix a packet with a bit of Gatorade or OJ about 3 times a day when I start to feel that sore-throaty feeling. This was not a paid endorsement. Wish it were though.


Unknown said...

It's not like that year 'round, yeah, right.

Unknown said...

I love the dd comment! At least the sun came least up here it did!

Shannon said...

I am going to buy some Emergence-C to have on hand just b/c of this post. I never knew if it worked or not but I trust you and I HATE that scratchy throat, a-cold-is-coming feeling.

The leggings comment made me laugh.

This weather is for the birds. I'm used to October runs in 60 degree weather, not 30 degrees. :(

Churlita said...

It snowed in Iowa City Saturday morning too. That is really unusual for us this time of year.

Life As I Know It Now said...

Those are some groovy pumpkins you grew there.

Missy said...

Great pumpkins! Even snowier today!