Thursday, August 20, 2009

Randomitis to the tenth power

1. A good quote from an excellent blogging and FB friend: "Just a message to all those opposed to "big government:" feel free to stop using roads, drinking clean water, using police and fire services, courts of law, military protection, and, oh, anything else that the government by the people, for the people, etc. is set up to provide."

2. The search continues for our housing. Rentals are expensive and hard to find. Investors are slow to make decisions about fixer-uppers. Short sales for our house are enigmatic. And all the while my patience is slowing running down the drain.

3. Big garage sale tomorrow. Come over and buy our junk!! Johnny C and I will be up late making the garage presentable, then up at the crack of dawn for the early birds. I've assigned the kids to make AND clean up supper tonight so we can work on the garage sale. Wish them luck!

4. My Twin #2 made the Varsity soccer team! She's only 15 but that girl is a whiz with a soccer ball. And she's darned cute to boot. We're very proud.

5. An extreme right-wing friend complained to me that all her cowardly liberal friends and relatives have unfriended her on facebook because of her views. I told her I wouldn't, but that I also wouldn't stop anyone from taking her on in the comments . . . which happened . . . so she unfriended me. So who's the coward?

6. Feels more like late September here. Although there were tornadoes in Minneapolis yesterday!! They don't usually drop down out of a cool cloudy sky, but drop they did. Lots of windows out and trees down.

7. I need some time with my extended family. I just feel it in my bones. Wish life weren't so freakin busy.

8. Last night I made zucchini bread, because that's almost all I know what to do with all that zucchini this time of year. The recipe must have had a misprint because it sure seemed like a lot of baking soda. The dough rose like crazy, fell in globs to the bottom of the oven, and smoked up like wet branches on bonfire. The house reeks now, and the bread tastes like too much baking soda.

9. Fall is upon us. Summer flew like the clouds.

10. A casual friend died suddenly on Monday. Mother of 3, 45 years old, active in our town and schools. Sad doesn't even begin to cover it.


MommyLisa said...

sorry to hear about the death - that is terrible.
The tornadoes where so stealthy, no sirens and people I know who were blocks away downtown were oblivious!

Unknown said...

It's hard to reply to the ramdomness, but I'll try.
2. My prayers are with you on finding something
3. More prayers, I hate when we do a garage sale, but I love cleaning out!
5. I think it's sad when you can't disagree, but I did get some of my right wing friends in a lather on some FB topic..........ugh, I just told them we have to respect each others views, and move along.
6. I miss Autumn..........and if it came in August I'd be thrilled.
7. I hope you get to see some extended family soon
8. LOL, I hope the next batch is better.
9.its' was back for all this week
10. I read your FB link and message about this, very sad. Yes we should live each day to it's fullest, we don't know if we will have tomorrow.
Gee not trying to end on a morbid note, so have a great day.......hang in there.

LoieJ said...

#1: Yeah, and we don't know how good we have it until we travel to a third world country which has LOW TAXES. The one time I was really homesick there was when on a bus on the so-called highway. If I described the roads and driving habits there, you wouldn't be able to comprehend what I saw.

#3 Good thing somebody likes to do garage sales so the rest of us can get bargains.

#5 I know I'm on some people's shit list because I don't zip my lip when it comes to some of the right wing hate stuff. Somebody has to call them out, expecially when the stuff comes cloaked in the guise of Christianity.

LoieJ said...

OOps I clicked publish too soon.
#9: We've had exactly two days of true summer weather this year.
#10 (((HTBFI)))

Shannon said...

I saw the death notice in the paper yesterday. I did not know her but was still shocked--those three children! How does a family even go on???

Congrats on the Varsity team! So awesome. Your girls are so amazing--all of them.

I am supporting your garage sale in spirit. I cannot come by because I cannot fit any more objects into my OWN house (remember: no attic, no basement, 1 storage closet. Help!).

And lastly, what can we do about your house situation?!?! I wish I could force you into one of the townhouses on our block. Several are for sale and some others have gotten new renters this past someone is renting. And, though you've never seen our upstairs (right?), we have way more space than it appears (and our house is smaller than many on our street)....our master bedroom/bathroom/walk-in closet is far bigger than some of my friends' in their detached houses....

OK I'll stop trying to get you to move next door now. ;)

Life As I Know It Now said...

I feel for you! Sending best wishes, calming thoughts, and tons of support your way!

Unknown said...

sorry to hear about the death - that is terrible.
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themom said...

Sorry to hear about the untimely death of your friend. We just buried thedaughters - best friends mother - who was only 47. We get no guarnatees, that's for sure.

I would like to drop my niece as a FB friend. She (and her entire family) are whackjobs of gargantuan proportions - evangelical spewing right wingers. She wants to argue with me incessantly and I've told her that is not the format. No problem, my other friends have my back and have told her so. She has quited down a little. LOL

Good luck on the house hunting, I know that must be hard.

SkylersDad said...

So sorry for your friends passing, take care. There are no good words to say at times like these.

lisahgolden said...

I have been thinking about you so much and so often. Congrats to your daughter on the soccer team appointment! That's great! And all the best for the yard sale. May the buyers be out and the weather pleasant.

Jennifer and Sandi said...

Sorry to hear about your friends.

ITS THE WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

3} How did the garage sale go? We are set for next week...I love having them..weird, huh?

4} Congrats to your dd...what a great accomplishments!

8] I have a great recipe for zucchini brownies if you are interested!

10} Sorry to hear about your friend..that is sad!

Churlita said...

It felt like Fall down here too on Friday. I hate tornadoes. I'm so glad we didn't get them down here this time.

I'm sorry to hear about your friend. She was so young.