Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The glory of me

A fun list idea from Some Guy, who amazingly didn't mention poop in his list.
  1. Clothes: Dress clothes at work, comfy clothes at home. I like pants that don't cut my generous tummy in half.
  2. Furniture: Lots of stuff from my husband's furnished condo he purchased in 1988. Some things from my parents. Everything was purchased on the cheap. But my hands down favorite is our brick red sectional.
  3. Sweet: I don't like candy at all, except chocolate. But chocolate gives me heartburn so I try to avoid that too.
  4. City: I haven't traveled nearly as much as I'd like. I live right next to the Twin Cities and must say they've been marvelous so far. I've been to NYC, Toronto, Denver, Boston, Charleston SC, San Diego, Atlanta, and Chicago. So far, Boston is my favorite - I eat up all that history.
  5. Drink: Iced tea, unsweetened in the summer, coffee with some kind of creamer most days. I don't drink alcohol much, probably should, but when I do it's white wine or a weak gin and tonic with tons of lime.
  6. Music: pretty much everything
  7. TV Series: Loved Cheers - ok that shows you how old I am. Most TV today really stinks in my opinion. Watched The Sopranos on dvd and loved it because my husband could be James Gandolfini's brother. Also loved Six Feet Under and Band of Brothers on dvd. Right now, my little family cuddles on the couch every Sunday night to watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Ty Penning makes me want to throw a hammer at the TV but it's a feel-good show nonetheless.
  8. Film: I love them all, especially period "chick flick" movies.
  9. Workout: walking, walking, walking
  10. Pastries: the cream cheese croissants at our downtown coffee shop.
  11. Coffee: Yep, but decaf only. I also make a great pot of espresso.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Liking Cheers makes one old? Thanks for not telling me sooner!

Joe said...

Thank you for not adding a "poop" category just to make Some Guy happy.

Cool list!