Sunday, April 13, 2008

What a Difference a Day Makes

To quote Annie "yesterday was plain awful!" It was cold, snowy, blowy, and gray.

Today is much better with lots of sun. I'm beginning to think I may have S.A.D. My mood just goes through the ceiling on sunny days and takes a serious dive on gray days. Maybe I need one of the pricey little depression lights.

Today is beautiful and I feel like I can handle anything. I'm even enjoying sweeping the kitchen such is my joy. The flowers aren't blooming but they will be soon. We're having steaks on the grill for supper. The weather is going to be astounding for Minnesota later this week, so I have many plans for the grill.

Today we ventured out and visited many Open Houses in the area. Due to this crazy recession and my husband's line of work, we may be downsizing our living arrangements. His career is directly tied to the economy, and it's been rough to say the least. But we had fun looking at smaller places and imagining. Some houses were downright cute with pretty little backyards. It's always hard to come back to the reality of our messy dusty LIVED IN home after seeing all those spiffed-up places. We love our house, and hope things turn around thereby allowing us to stay, but we have to be open to other possibilities.

Addendum at 6:30pm - steaks were superb, made even more wonderful by a bottle of Red Truck. I also made a giant salad just the way I like it: with olives, peppers, red tip lettuce, croutons, and my own dressing. Now if only I had one lovely bite of Dove chocolate. Another plus: twin #2 was in bad form and smarted off, so now SHE'S doing the dishes!!!


Missy said...

Oh Twin #2!

If you need more dishes to help teach your girls to behave, I have some!

Health Partners paid for most of my 10,000 Lux lamp because it was prescribed to me. The cat and I love it...except the cat wishes it gave off heat, it really only gives off light.

Christopher Tassava said...

Huzzah for spring! Grilling sounds like a good time these days. It's nice to see the grass greening up behind our place. Speaking of our place, there are four - count 'em! - townhouses for sale on our block. Though I'll bet a five-person family would be awfully cramped in them...

michaelg said...

Ditto. My health insurance covered 80% of my light.

I bet twin #2 won't ever smart off again. Oh wait, that's all 14 year olds do, along with their dishes.

kim said...

How do I get the girl to do the dishes? Maybe I should just ask her. Yes, Mn Mom, there is nothing like the cold, slushy bleakness of a Minnesota day in April to be shut down by gorgeous weather the next. Enjoy...nothing like a Minnesota summer.