Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Tag! A Tag!

I've been tagged by our Dr. Monkey to list 5 of my most-oft-visited websites and to briefly describe why I visit them. I've excluded blogs. You are about to see how very boring my life can be.

1. AESOP - our public school's online listing of substitute teaching jobs available. Teachers plug in a day off, and within 1 minute there are thousands of money-grubbing subs climbing all over each other for the spots. It's a vicious dog-eat-dog world.

2. - my town's newsy news website. Lots of information for the dedicated Northfield citizen, including obituaries, the fun never ends.

3. Kare 11 News - I check the weather, who's been shot in Murderapolis, the weather, what the poll is today, the weather, which Vikings player is currently in jail, and the weather.

4. Crooks and Liars - like Dr. Monkey, I visit to keep current on the treasonous shenanigans of the idiot-in-chief and his posse of evildoers.

5. Evolve Fish - they have the BEST buttons, magnets, etc. I'm not quite as strident as the site might suggest, but I do LOVE to rattle the cages of right wingers.

I think I'll tag Laurie, Missy, and Kim


Missy said...

Oh I'm on it! And honored!

Anonymous said...
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laurie said...

thanks for the tag!
allow me to answer you here....

because my answer is kind of boring.

1) any and all newspapers. nytimes, washington post, star tribune, pioneer press, irish times, san francisco chronicle... that's where i spend most of my non-blog computer time.

2) shopping! what can i say? amazon. zappos. sitstay (for the dogs). i do a lot of online commerce.

3) youtube. i don't spend a lot of time there, but probably a couple of times a week.

(i told you i'm boring.)

4) google. does that count? i use google a billion times a day.

5) netflix. we are constantly arranging and re-arranging our movie queue.

god we're boring....

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Thanks for playing along.