Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Good Saturday Visit from MG

Our good friend MG and his partner attended my 14-year-old's volleyball game and we were so pleased! They arrived just in time on Saturday afternoon. We had a longish break between games so MG, Curt, and I headed to the nearby Asian buffet with the completely forgettable name. They had a large buffet with many traditional Asian choices such as red jello, tarter sauce, tiramisu, soft serve ice cream, and creamed spinach. They also had some lovely breaded shrimp, honey glazed chicken, fried rice, and crab legs. For $10 each we were mighty satisfied.
It was great to see them - they are just the best folks and I wish they lived right next door. Mostly so I could shamelessly steal their perennials when they garden, and have my screaming kids throw balls in their yard while they are enjoying their beautiful terrace.

MG blogs very well about creepy Mom's from the other team at the volleyball game. MG was horrified at the things they were saying "You can do it girls, they aren't very quick!" Some parents have big issues with their kids' sports events. The worst woman looked like a mean gym teacher and was wearing a sweatshirt from my Alma Mater, the University of Iowa! Only nice people are from Iowa, and she didn't deserve to wear those colors. She had practical helmet hair and ugly glasses - so THERE!


Anonymous said...

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Cheesecake Maven said...

Sounds just like the parents on other soccer teams down here! Son #2 got taken out by one of their darlings in Saturday's game here and the other dad said, "nice hit!". Can you imagine?! Son #2 is now on crutches with either a very bad sprain or a broken bone, we're waiting a few days to see how it goes. AAAAAARRRGGHH!!! At least the ref gave the other kid a foul. I think it should be considered assault when they do that. There are two teams from Wisconsin who play dirty like that, next year we may not play them at all. They are also known for spitting into their palms before the friendly post-game hand shake thing.

Mnmom said...