Monday, March 3, 2008

My boring weekend, but I like it that way.

Dr. Monkey posted a blog about his fun weekend traveling, browsing antique shops and scanning old ads. He then made the mistake of asking about everyone else's weekend. You asked Dr. Monkey! Here's a run down of the most boring weekend on record, but I kind of like it that way.

I've had a bit too much drama in my life during the last 5 years, and boring has taken on a whole new meaning. Boring means no one has cancer. Boring means no one is in the hospital. Boring means my entire family is safe and sound. Boring and I have an entirely new relationship.

Saturday I took two daughters to Rochester, Minnesota. There we met my brother-in-law Aunt Mike, cousin #2 (happy birthday), and two of his friends for lunch at Culvers and to exchange a laptop. Culvers is an interesting midwest/southern fast food place. Home of the butter burger. Now those are two boring words I like to see together; butter and burger. They actually have a waiting line for tables.

That afternoon I did laundry while trying to establish a wireless connection with the new laptop. Only one chore was successful. I made boring leftovers for supper. The rest of the night had my youngest and I painting each other's toenails and watching the boring Harry Potter marathon on Disney Family channel. I also sprinkled rock salt on the very boring ice that's continuously forming on our front step.

Sunday morning twin #2 and I headed out for the very boring Volleyball Warehouse for a day-long tournament. Besides volleyball, this institution's main purpose is to separate me from my money. They charge admission and don't allow outside food or drink, so I am forced to purchase their expensive and unhealthy concession stand choices. Lately I've started stuffing my "purse" with my own food and drink. Screw em and their boring greedy ways.

Between daughter's volleyball games, which are not always boring, I read the very un-boring book "Stiff. The Curious Life of Human Cadavers". Our blogging pal MG, who thinks he's boring but isn't, recommended this book. It is a fabulous choice - really interesting in a morbid but very funny way.

Sunday night we were all tired and had the boring Sunday night blahs. We all, yes all 5 of us, sprawled on the couch watching Food Network - we love BBQ contest programs. We ate our usual Sunday night dinner of hubbys frozen pizza or popcorn, than all retired early.

Yes, boring, all weekend long. But I'll take it.


kim said...

Boring is fantastic good for you. Isn't daughter who is 11 was so bored on Saturday, it brought her to tears.

I would trade with her any day of the week!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I read that book a few years ago. I really liked it.

Joe said...

Isn't "Stiff" a great book? You remind me, I promised to buy a copy for my daughter. And Culver's is one of life's great simple pleasures.

Boring is good.

Missy said...

Culver's is not the best butter burger, at Kroll's in Greenbay there is an actual large pat of butter still melting down on your burger when you bite into it!

I am glad you had a boring weekend given your definition of boring!!

Cheesecake Maven said...

With the schedules we all try to keep with three kids, boring is good when it happens! We relish the weekends with nothing, absolutely nothing, on the calendar and then we proceed to plan how we'll fill it up!