Friday, March 14, 2008

A Tag

I've been tagged by Dr. Monkey to describe myself using the letters of my middle name. Interesting.

J - Jocularity. I love humor. I love to laugh. I love to make others laugh. There are very few times in my life when I couldn't find a chuckle. It will be a great life if that can continue.

E - Ennui. The flip side of the above is that sometimes I'm just plain morose. I'm convinced the neocons have locked up the voting machines. I know I'll just never outgrow my acne. I'll never live in an English manor with a cooking staff. Sigh.

A - Anything and Everything. That's me. I'm the Jack of All Trades and Master of None that you've all read and heard about. I know just enough to be dangerous in many areas. In personality tests, I'm always smack in the middle. My music tastes are all over the board. I'm a traditional Mom who bakes some incredible cookies while being a card-carrying feminist and a convert to conspiracy theories. I'm an agnostic who loves gospel and sacred choral music.

N - Northfield, MN. The beautiful Minnesota village I now proudly call home. I've landed in one of the best towns in America, and I thank my lucky stars for it every single day.

Consider yourself tagged


kim said...

I didn't realize you lived in Northfield. Long Live Paul Wellstone, my own personal Jesus. And Jesse James....I guess. You are in good company!

Mnmom said...

I miss Paul Wellstone more with each passing year.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Thanks for playing along.