Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Happy List Challenge! Yea!!!!!

From Kirelimel who correctly has turned my thoughts to happier things:

Favorite childhood swimsuit
Mine was also red, white, and blue. One of those one-pieces doing an impression of a two-piece.

Favorite summer thing to do in Elementary school
Swim at the local pool and buy root beer barrels at the concession stand. Also get together with my extended family for picnics. I and some combination of cousins would end up doing weird things that we found wildly entertaining, like fishing using cigarette butts as bait. We never caught a thing - wonder why?

Favorite summer thing to do in high school
Lay around - what a lazy lot we were! Of course I had a job, but my free time was my own. We liked to show up at our friend AA's house right around lunch time because her Mom made the most amazing food. Anything that involved my friends and laying around.

What smell really takes you back to summers gone by?
Sun tan oil.

What's the first thing you'll grill when it warms up?

Chicken breast, pounded thin and marinated with some pineapple slices thrown in - if you haven't grilled pineapple yet what are you waiting for? Or some juicy rib eyes.

What is your level of gardening and what will be first in the ground this spring?
My level of gardening can best be described in one word: mediocre.
I've got some great stuff going, and considering I started with a bare lot, that's not bad. I always choose things you can't kill and that don't need much attention. Therefore I love hostas, lilies, flowering bushes, etc. However I might try my hand at an actual tea rose this summer.
First thing in? That would be tomatoes, basil, peppers, and cilantro into my patio barrels. I make great bruschetta, and that fresh basil makes all the difference.