Monday, December 31, 2007

Speaking of Andy Williams Reprise

I was just watching the clip of Andy Williams and PP&M again. I think my Mom had a crush on Andy. I can imagine her sitting in the kitchen of our rental home, looking at my Dad. All 5'3" hairy, burping, farting, smoking, grumpy inch of him. Then there's Andy - all tall and lovely with that perpetual tan. I'll bet he never said "Well, SHIT!" three times a day. I'll bet he smelled like soap, not Cigarellos. And he wore those cool, sexy sweaters not old flannel bathrobes with sno-mobile boot liners for slippers. I'll be he didn't put on coveralls to shovel snow. No, Andy would have a fab late 60's alpine ski get-up.

Poor Mom. Wanting Andy Williams. Married to Bilbo Baggins.


Kireliols said...

My Grandpa coached Andy Williams and his brothers in high school- I was always in love with Andy-played the heck out of the goodyear Christmas album with "most wonderful time of the year" on it. The fact that not only had my Grandpa coached him and remained in contact but had gone to his house for a visit in the early 70's was never shared- I found it out while doing research at the historical museum after college. When I asked my Grandparents they said, "oh yeah- but you know, Dickie really had the voice" and then they went on about how Andy went bad when he fell for Claudine and I sat there open mouthed, totally indignant that they never told me.

Mnmom said...

How COULD they not tell?? Where did he coach them?

Kireliols said...

Wall Lake, Iowa. Yeah, I couldn't believe how casual they were. And what's great is I have these articles from their local paper about their visit to his house. It would also make the paper if they got a letter from him. This is the town where our family's lake home is- it was theirs- and it's a small, small town. So that was big, big news. I still can't believe they never told me.