Friday, December 21, 2007

Here is one of my favorite ornaments. It's a lid from a fruitcake-in-a-coffee-can my dear Aunt Co sent sometime around 1979 I'm guessing. On it, in her wonderful handwriting it says "Sorry Margaret it's another damn fruitcake". I hate fruitcake and she sent one to my parents every year. It's an ongoing feud.

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michaelg said...

I love this ornament! It summarizes nicely the humor of the women in your family.
By the way, weren't you carrying on this tradition? I recall a few years back getting a MNMom fruitcake. You making fruitcake was the second sign of the apocolypse that year, just behind sister SV ordering things from QVC. The fruitcake was magnificent, even after a few months in the fridge.