Saturday, December 8, 2007

Bad Decisions All Around

What a day of decisions, and not all turned out well . . .

1. We decided NOT to drive to Iowa to my sister's wonderful Christmas party. It's going to snow . . we don't want to get stuck there . . . we have to be back home early Sunday afternoon . . . and then the weather had the nerve not to snow.

2. I made chili for supper and now have one raging case of heartburn - and I didn't even put any onions in there!!

3. And the grand finale is that I have now dyed my hair practically black. I look like some weird Goth-Mom-Curmudgeon-Rocker thing with reading glasses. My gray was coming through and I'm trying to pinch pennies. Who knew those innocent little boxes of hair color packed such a wallop?? So now I'll have to dish out the bucks to have a professional correct it. I searched the internet for home remedies and found lots of suggestions involving vinegar, dish soap, bleach, peroxide, and baking soda. I think I'm done experimenting. There should be a warning on those home color boxes - "DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME".


michaelg said...

Now is the perfect opportunity to take pictures in spandex holding Lina's pink guitar. Then, of course, you need to post them out here.

Kireliols said...

Wow- it's hair color day, only I went lighter and love it. I love the little boxes as I am quite cheap in regards to my hair. Too bad about the too dark. Perm solution combed through will work to remove some. Seems alot of work though. Perhaps you should just get a lip ring and maybe some bolts through your eyebrows and call it even.