Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spring lasts about 2 days

I've been down with the crud for a week!!  Missed 5 days of work and to pour salt in a wound, our computer was in the shop all 5 days.  Both the PC and I have a weird infection,  The one in my body has whipped my asthma into a frenzy.  I can't talk and get out of breath very easily.

Now today - the first really lovely day of spring that we've had - I could barely walk to the garden let alone work in it.  I pulled some old stalks but gave up when I got light-headed.  Creeping Charlie has taken over our beds, and it's going to take some work to get it out.  The link mentions a method of applying borax, but it can't be used in vegetable gardens.

I have some absolutely lovely red and white onion sets, and garlic that need to go in right now.  Also lettuce, herbs, spinach, carrots.  In June I'm trying the "3 Sisters" - planting corn, squash, and pole beans together.  The beans climb the corn, and the squash provides the "mulch".  I'm also growing red beans along the fence.

Think I will add some hay bales - just to stretch my growing area.  Can't wait to OWN my own yard again so I can plant the whole darned thing in edibles.  I'd add raspberries, a plum tree, and maybe even blueberries.

And don't forget the chicken coop!


Dr. Monkey said...

Get well soon.

Anonymous said...

There's definitely a very tough strain of something going around, folks I know have been sick for going on two or three weeks now. Hope you feel better soon.

Sheleta said...

Girl you and the damned computer did not get a virus at the same time! Did you infect the computer or did the computer sneeze on you? Who is to blame for all of this?