Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Still stoned with strawberry salad

The blasted kidney stone refuses to budge, and now I'll be having surgery sometime next week.

In the meantime I'm indulging in one of my favorite comfort foods; Frozen Strawberry Salad.

Here in the Midwest, we have these delicious combinations of fruit, cool whip, cream cheese, nuts, etc and we call them "salads".   And with a straight face no less.  If you attend a midwestern small town funeral, you'll see all manner of them on the "salad" table.  Their only resemblance to anything truly salad-y is that they do contain fruit, and they come in a bowl.  But they are mighty powerful in the comfort department.


8oz cream cheese - I used low fat
1/2 cup sugar
20oz can crushed pineapple, very well drained
2 ripe bananas, mashed
1/2 cup nuts - I used pecans
10oz frozen strawberries, thawed
Cool Whip - about 2 cups

Cream sugar and cream cheese.  Add pineapple, bananas, and berries.  Stir in nuts.  Fold in Cool Whip.  Freeze in a 9x9 pan.  Remove from the freezer 20-30 minutes before servings.  Or pop it in the microwave on low power for a few minutes.  I love it when it's kind of half frozen.


MommyLisa said...

My SIL makes Snickers Salad. My friends in Norway were appalled by the photo recipe I shared with them. ;)

Okay now...listen here kidney stone...GET OUTTA MNMOM NOW. I mean it mister.

Be well.

lisahgolden said...

Yikes to surgery. May it go well.

Now about that salad. Oh my yum. How I love a salad like we make in the Midwest. Dang, it's making me crave the pink or the green one or the orange one. Or some ambrosia salad.

I'm a fool for these things.

Dr. Monkey Hussein Monkerstein said...

Sorry to hear about your stone. I had one once but I passed it within 12 hours.

Shannon said...

I grew up here, and I still can't take food like that seriously. Salads involve greens, people! The other kind is dessert. Tasty dessert, but dessert nonetheless (b/c aren't all desserts tasty?). I am SO SORRY to hear about your impending surgery. Is your family OK? Anyone need anything?

Johnny Yen said...

Ouch! I'm sorry to hear they weren't able to deal with it non-surgically.

That salad looks delicious. I substitute low-fat cream cheese in any recipe I do, including the mashed potatoes my kids love.

Lesli said...

I am going to make this minus the bananas. I hope I can do that & still have it turn out well!
Lisa, I make a Snickers salad,too--green apples, vanilla pudding, Snickers and Cool Whip. Midwest salads at their best!

Lesli said...

I hope it is okay that I mentioned your salad on my blog, giving you credit??!!

Churlita said...

Please keep us updated on your surgery!

Sheleta said...

Oh my goodness, strawberries are my favorite thing in the world and this recipe looks delightful.

I'm going to have Shawn make us up a batch this Memorial Day weekend.