Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Chicken Salad Day

Darned nice Mother's Day - very quiet but swell.
Started with Cupcake and Johnny C bringing me breakfast in bed; pancakes, bacon, strawberries, and coffee.  They also gave me a birdhouse that Cupcake had designed, built, and painted in beautiful shades of red and purple, and a flowered roof.

The twins had to work.  One of them gave me a dinner out with her.  I'll take it when I can actually speak again.  The other says her gift is a secret.

Later FINALLY made a kick-ASS chicken salad.  First I started with chicken breast I had poached to perfection; cooked in a water bath full of carrot, celery leaves, green onions from the garden, garlic pepper, and sea salt.  Then chopped, and stirred with pecans, red grape halves, more green onion, tarragon, garlic pepper, mayo and more sea salt.  It's almost gone that's how good it is.

I must be getting better - I wish it were Saturday so I had another day to garden and cook.
And to love my family.


SkylersDad said...

Happy Mothers Day!

SkylersDad said...
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Kireliols said...

Happy Your Day!! I'm glad you're feeling better and that chicken salad sounded lovely. I may have to make some later this week but first Oldest and I are determined to make the best lemon square ever. We each had one at my nephew's graduation party and decided it is something we must learn to bake.

Fran said...

Happy Mother's Day! I hope that you keep feeling better. Next time you make that chicken salad, let me know, I'd love to come over!! :-)

Sheleta said...

How have I never had your chicken salad. I love it! My granny used to make it home made with a grinder. Now that she's older I have found no one that made it quite as good.
But I bet yours would give granny a run for her money.
Happy Mother's Day!

Shannon said...

I am glad you are sort of on the mend. Happy (belated) Mother's Day and I hope you get back to your old self fast. p.s. this weather BLOWS.

MommyLisa said...

I wish it were still Sunday too - Happy Mother's Day.

How is it we have not planned another get together???