Saturday, May 21, 2011


Right now I'm the before; laying around with this stupid kidney stone, taking so much medication I'm useless, and waiting for Monday's surgery.  But After?  I'll tell you what I'll do after - when I return to the Land of the Living!

1. Get my grill on!  Can't wait to start cooking again.
2. Get my garden planted.  I lost the window for onions, but the rest should be OK.
3. Clean out my room.  Our bedroom has become the family dumping ground.  Time to purge.
4. Get up to the State Capitol and show my support for Marriage Equality.
5. Walk, and walk, and walk.  Don't know if it's the drugs I'm on or what but I'm out of breath in my own home and it's NOT a good feeling.
6. Get the dutch oven out and have some campfire meals.
7. Start riding my bike.


Dr. Monkey said...

It's never too late to plant onions. We plant them all summer through the early fall.

Unknown said...

I hope your surgery goes well, I know you will be feeling better soon. I'll be thinking of you!!
Soon you will be cleaning, walking, biking, cooking...

SkylersDad said...

Wishing you all the best with your surgery!

Anonymous said...

Good luck on Monday.

Here's a suggestion for your first Dutch oven cook of the summer. Short ribs, piled high on sliders with fresh horseradish.

Shannon said...

Good luck, Margaret, and get well soon. Thinking of you!

Sheleta said...

Is it Kidney Stone season or something? I went next door to my neighbor's house to invite her to an Oprah viewing party and she couldn't come to the door. Had just had the kidney stone surgery!

Praying for you and her to recover, my friend!