Friday, November 5, 2010

Teabaggers can kiss my ass

Oh don't you just KNOW I have a lot to say about the midterm elections.
But it will have to wait - still too busy.


Angie said...

You can make fun of the teabaggers until the cows come home....but one thing's for sure....they have awakened a sleeping giant. The Democrats really should have learned something from the Scott Brown election.

Churlita said...

The teabaggers suck...Sadly, they get tons of attention.

michaelg said...

I'm just upset to have an Oompah Loompah as the Speaker of the House.
@taraj- What is this sleeping giant? Democrats have the mistaken belief that Americans have solid reasoning skills, are interested in the truth and can understand 4th grade English. Until we stamp our slogans on beer cans- American not imported- we're toast.

Angie said...

The sleeping giant is the populace that opposes Obamacare because of what it stands for...more and more government intrusion into our lives. Government should not require any person to purchase a product. If that's not an infringement on liberty, I don't know what is.

michaelg said...

@taraj- I don't know where you live, but my government requires me to have automobile and homeowner's insurance. Through taxes, we are required to pay for services and benefits like roads, bridges, street lights, fire department services, not to mention Medicare and Social Security Benefits. We are required to pay in or if we evade taxes, pay fines and/or go to jail.
In 2008 in MN, the uninsured got between 42 - 47 million dollars in health care that was uncompensated to the hospitals and clinics that provided that care. Hospitals pass those charges on to the insured among us by chargin higher prices to insurance companies for services who in turn pass those costs on to us. Requiring insurance coverage of all Americans will help defray rising costs for everyone.

uberdroidgames said...

And why is it so bad to be required to get something everyone needs anyhow? Who doesn't need health care coverage? It's not unconstitutional for congress to regulate commerce they are in fact constitutionally requred to do so. Health care is a huge chunk of our economy so what the dumbass tea-baggers who have never read the first letter of the actual constitution call "Obamacare" is perfectly within the bounds of government power. The things wrong with the HC reform bill (that the public by and large doesn't like) are the compromises made with Republicans.
Before hc reform poles showed that most Americans (as many as 70%) would like to have single payer universal health care. The thing most Americans don't like about "Obamacare" is it is not "socialist" enough!