Saturday, November 6, 2010

Here's where the GOP can cut

Dear Smaller-Gummit-cut-costs Politicians.
Time to put your money where your mouth is.  In the name of smaller government and lower costs, I expect to see some REAL proposals instead of easy rhetoric.  If you're serious I expect you to start with the following:

1. No more health insurance for either house of Congress.  Go out and pay for your own like the rest of us.
2. No more free parking anywhere in DC - see #1
3. No more free outpatient care from military hospitals - again see #1
4. No more obscenely inflated pension plan.
5. No more furniture expense accts - go to the store room and find something you can use.
6. No more free income tax preparation.  Take it to CPA firm - create some jobs!!!
7. No more tax deduction for maintaining a second residence.
8. Frequent flyer miles no longer available for personal use.  Only business.  Anything leftover is donated to our military service folks so they can go home on leave.  And always fly coach so you can prove you are "in touch" with real America.
9. No more free health club or cafeteria meals.
10. No more voting on your own pay raises.  Time for "merit pay" like you demand for teachers, who by the way make about  1/4 of your salary and work under dismal budgets.
11. How about immediate expulsion and a steep fine for any of you taking lobbyist gifts worth more than $100.  I don't mind if they pay for your dinner, or give you some pens and note pads, but anything else is just immoral.  I'm talking to you, John Boehner.
12. No more "franking" privileges to create a favorable public image.  Just do your job - that should be enough.



Charlene said...


All cost cutting starts with the first $1 spent making lives of elected officials more comfortable.

Kireliols said...

Please tell me that you are sending this list to all in House/Senate and Obama. Really!!
You should run things- ever consider running?

lisahgolden said...

Oh yes! This is a great list.

Treats said...

Awesome. I think you should send a copy of this to each and every one of the skunks.

Billie Greenwood said...

Now this is the sort of taxpayer anger I can get behind. [And I can even spell my protest sign correctly, unlike some Tea Baggers.]

SkylersDad said...

I love this, can I re-send it?

Life As I Know It Now said...

This makes too much sense so you can be sure nothing like it will ever happen, sorry to say.

That picture on this post says it all :)

Mnmom said...

Skylersdad - sure!

Some Guy said...

This is beautiful, MNMom! I'll bet we can come up with a bunch more to add.

Dr. MVM said...

You go girl.

MommyLisa said...


Churlita said...

Amen, amen and Hallelujah!

Unknown said...

Nice caption,