Saturday, April 25, 2009

The bike quest is alive and well

Just a little update. I've been searching hard for replacements for our teens' bikes - see below. One friend gave me a BEAUTIFUL Trek bike that's been in their garage, unclaimed, for over 3 years. It needs $85 worth of work - we got an estimate today. My splendid friend MG is also out garage/estate saling today and he's got his eyes out. AND I just got a response from my ad - a local woman has two women's bikes she wants to pass on for free. I've also asked two college students I know to spread the word among their friends - perhaps someone is ready to sell. Next week my ad will be in the college newsletter. So with a little effort, I may resolve this dilemna with a minimum of cash. I like those outcomes.


Sheleta said...

You are striking while the iron is hot too! Folks are trying to clean out their garages for spring. And they are going to see those bikes and say "Hey, I don't need this!" and give 'em up. Keep us posted on the end result!

Unknown said...

Wishing you luck in your are being very go girl!!

themom said...

What an excellent job you are doing. A little ingenuity goes a looooong way. You go Mom!

dmarks said...

I've missed a good weekend of garage sales already. I'd better not miss the next one.

Churlita said...

Oh good. I bet it's a good time to look, now that college students are getting to graduate and leave. They are probably trying to get rid of stuff.

Anonymous said...

The bike quest is alive and well
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