Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowly

Congrats to themom on your Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers!

Have to say I was rooting for the Cardinals. Kurt Warner is an Iowan, and we corn-eaters have to stick together. And Larry Fitzgerald is not only a Minnesotan, but played for a high school in our conference.

The 100-yd touchdown by Harrison was amazing, but totally canceled out by the pummeling he gave another player. Rotten bad sportsmanship, that.

All-in-all another good Super Bowl game. The commercials? Meh, boring.


themom said...

I agree with you on Harrison going after (beating on) the Cards player. He should have been thrown out of the game. Men are idiots in most sports anyway - I won't even play cards with a man!! I'm still relishing the win though - all in all - on great game.

Missy said...

I watched The Duchess and the Puppybowl and played Wii. Not so much a football gal, but I did see The Boss and the last 3 min.

Joe said...

It was nice to watch a Superbowl where I didn't particularly care who won, and I could just enjoy whoever made the best play at any given moment. Normally, when the Bears aren't in a championship game, I root for the most old-school rust belt team, so I guess I favored the Steelers a little. I liked the fact that there was a nearly-40 quarterback who used to be a grocery bagger from Iowa though.

Good times.

Anonymous said...

He should have been thrown out of the game.
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