Saturday, February 14, 2009

Oh, OK, Happy Valentine's Day

As I've mentioned, I'm not real keen on Valentine's Day. It's a retail nightmare designed to make nervous men buy all manner of nonsense at Walgreen's. My husband is a marvelous man, and we show our love 365 days a year. So I don't need a $4 piece of paper from Hallmark to prove it. The cheesy-ness of all of it creeps me out.

Here's hoping you are enjoying this mock-holiday in your own particular fashion. Me? I'll be at twin #1's volleyball tournament while nursing a sore throat. Viva l'amore!


Joe said...

Happy Valentines Day! We're spending the day hanging out, watching movies and baking.

themom said...

Happy Valentine's Day. No biggie here - haven't done a blessed thing other than work on tax returns. So much for my non-existant love life. Enjoy the game and take care of the throat.

Sheleta said...

Happy Valentine's Day girlfriend! I spent it working at FM 107.1 and in a kids' music class where all of 'em had snotty noses. By the time the little music class was over, all the parents' noses were snotty too!

Anonymous said...

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