Thursday, July 26, 2012

Because you're a good listener

Lately my family has developed an extremely rude habit called "Not Listening To Mom".   I mean to a never-before-seen level.  As in "Honey, your pants are on fire!", followed by silence, followed by "What didn't you tell me my pants were on fire!!".   Frustrating doesn't even cover it.  I'm going to start tape recording myself, so I can play it back later when they claim I never told them about (fill-in-the-blank).  Then I will dance on the table and laugh in their face.

So anyway YOU will listen, won't you?

1. Mitt Romney is the very definition of the phrase "give him enough rope and he'll hang himself".  Yet thousands of FOX viewers making minimum wage, without health insurance, will still vote for him.

2. This summer Minnesota has been suffering with relentless heat and humidity.  Seems rather unfair give our inhumane winters, doesn't it?

3. I bought some produce at ALDI today because it's so cheap I could cry, and because I always have to work during the Farmer's Market.

4. My daughter and I have a bet - between July 13 and August 11 if either one of us eats a dessert or candy or treat etc, we have to pay the other one $20.  Let me say it's working beautifully.  And let me also say that Thank Jeebus that Chocolate Cheerios are exempt.

5. I know lots of wealthy people who are just dumber than a box of rocks.  How does that happen?

6. My car antenna will only go up 1/2 way, so the radio is constant static.  Which is probably OK since NPR news, well all news really, gives me a stomachache.

7. I don't understand the crowd who wants to add that insipid "defense of marriage" amendment to the Minnesota state constitution.  Show where in that document, or the Constitution of the United States, it says laws will be based on the Christian holy book.  Until then just keep your religious views inside your homes and churches and leave the rest of us in secular peace.  Amendments should always create MORE rights and MORE freedoms.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday afternoon I asked Slim to set out the trash cans for collection. He replied, "Oh, I'll get them after dinner." Did he act on that? Of course not, which is why, when I woke him up at six this morning to go set out the trash cans it was an extra special kind of sweet revenge. The cherry on the top of that sundae was when I told him, "If I hadn't asked you to do it, and if you hadn't told me you would do it, I would have set out the trash myself. Sucka!"

What do you want to bet he doesn't forget again?

Kireliols said...

I have learned to embrace the fact that my kids will scatter faster than phlegm in a bathtub when I ask for help- whenever they are driving me crazy (which is quite often) I just say, "I need some help with..." and then enjoy the peace and quiet. It is my own "calgon" moment.

Help would be better but silence is golden.

Treats said...

I bet your family would listen to you if you prefaced all comments with "M/J/L, I'd like to give you $20"

Life As I Know It Now said...

I quite listening to NPR a while back and I have to say I am a lot more happier.