Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sometimes I want to smack a baby boomer

Anyone listen to Weekend Edition on NPR this morning?  The very epitome of the baby boomers was talking about her latest book.  Her mother had become very old, so of course in true boomer fashion she focused exclusively on how this affected HER and HER adjustments.  All I could think of was that whiny charactor Hope from the show 30 Something.

Remember them?  That self-centered group of so-called adults, facing life like every single adult has in the years since our ancestors crawled out of the primordial soup?  But because it was happening to THEM boomers had to moan and kvetch and analyse to death everything little thing.  Forgetting entirely that their own parents had done it all during a world war.  I'm a tail-end boomer myself, but I never identified with them.

The NPR interviewer wasn't helping either.  She actually used phrases like "totally unexpected tasks".  Who doesn't expect their parents to grow old??  Seriously have you been so wrapped up your youth that you never see old people?  The author did at one time admit she didn't grow up with anyone "old".  How does that happen?  Perhaps she was in a coma from birth until yesterday and I didn't catch that part.

Boomers - to use their favorite phrases I can't "wrap my head around them" and am "SO over them".


Kireliols said...

I'm a genXer so I prefer to be left alone and not participate. But - you made me laugh. And I do have to say that in light of my recent post about my sibling issues- you were quite timely. I have a sibling who views my divorce just like you describe- how it affects him. He is also 6 years older and qualifies as a baby boomer- explains every last damn thing. You are so wise, MC.

Dr. Monkey Hussein Monkerstein said...

I soooooo hear you.

lisahgolden said...

Oh, don't get me started on that demographic who took and took and took and left very little for those coming after them.

I'll never forget the day the Boomer I worked for told me how when she went to college anyone could get a student loan at a tiny interest rate and how many affluent kids took out those loans, invested them, paid back the loans and graduated with a profit.

Meanwhile, I was working for a pittance with no hope of ever getting ahead because the Boomers I worked for had no intention of retiring until they'd made nearly every damned Chicago neighborhood unaffordable with their bidding wars for perfectly fine houses to tear down and replace with McMansions.

Yes, I have issues.

Anonymous said...

But Boomers are fun and carefree! This is true because all the car and boner pill adds tell me so.

brewella deville said...
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brewella deville said...

I've got a new place, but it's still the same old me, brewing and blogging and gardening and such. I know you'll follow the breadcrumbs.