Sunday, March 14, 2010

Minnesota Spring

To most of the nation, Spring means flowers and green grass in March. To Minnesotans, signs of Spring are much more subtle. We have to look really hard for clues, while suffering through at least 2-3 more quick-melting snowstorms. Here's what Spring looks like here:

The exposure of previously snow-buried crud in yards.

We remove the Christmas lights from the roof.

When I switch out the heated mattress pad for the regular one.

Glowing orbs of white people in shorts.

When the screens come down from the garage rafters, and make their way back to windows.

The sounds of blackbirds and crows, with a few robins thrown in.

Guys get their sports cars out. No one drives their beautiful sports cars in the winter here - the road salt and sand will reduce it to the frame in two years.

We start buying iced coffee.

We just look right past the large piles of dirty snow.

Guys start pulling their ice fishing houses off the lake.

I switch from Fox River and SmartWool socks to regular socks.

We quit wearing long underwear UNDER our PJ's.

We throw open the windows when it's 45 degrees and sunny.

We start to notice our car kinda smells. Whatever smells used to be frozen.


Little Sister said...

I just detailed my car today. Vacuumed and then wiped non-window surfaces with diluted CitraSolve-works brilliantly and smells divine. Also used Q-tips to clean the vents. A little OCD??-maybe-but the car seems to be running better.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Happy spring. I hope it stays snow free.

Unknown said...

yes we have been slowly cleaning up the moop... mushy poop out of the yard! It seems worse this year! Yesterday was a delight.. I keep thinking the tournaments are over...what a mistake, eh?

LoieJ said...

I'm glad I no longer have a dog, so there is no longer certain "snow-buried crud."

Missy said...

Happy Spring from this glowing orb!

Unknown said...

I love the MN spring images you draw! I've lived as far north as Chicago(only for one year) and that was far enough for me. While i miss 4 distinct seasons, I love an early spring here in FL.

Churlita said...

A guy I work with just went up to Northern Iowa and said they still had snow. Ours was finally all gone about a week ago. Good riddance. And yes, I try hard not to look at the ground for a while when the snow is melting. I never like what gets uncovered.

MommyLisa said...

Car smells! Classic.

Hubby cleaned up the yard of Holiday Lights over the weekend. Had to wait until Sunday for the last cord to be unfrozen from the yard!!!

Christopher Tassava said...

Excellent list! Our car doesn't stink, but it now looks odd being the last unwashed car in town.

Cheesecake Maven said...

Another sign of spring, women throughout the driftless region and other northern reaches are again shaving their legs (those that do so, anyway!)

Life As I Know It Now said...

that's one beefy guy up there in the first photograph ;~)

happy Spring to you!

Sheleta said...

Girl this is too funny. My neighbor just took his Christmas lights down yesterday. I don't know why he doesn't just leave 'em up, it'll be Christmas again in just a few months! I mean girl Jesus was outside in the manger with Snoopy and Frosty and the candles around the fence were lighting up every night. But you're right, spring is here in Minnesota, so the lights are coming down!