Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What's better than SWAG?

There should be a graphic here but
blogspot isn't cooperating tonight.

I got a fabulous package of swag from my good friend Dr. Monkey! Can't tell you how an old-fashioned piece of personal snail-mail just lights up my day. THANK YOU Dr. Monkey.

First he sent me a book that's been on my "to-read" list: The Girl from Botany Bay, by Carolly Erickson. How did he know? I tell you that Dr. Monkey is a medical genius. This story will get anyone over their whining.

He also sent a CD I'm now addicted to - Normal as Blueberry Pie - Nellie McKay. My fav is a haunting version of an old cheesy Doris Day song The Black Hills of Dakota.

I owe that simian some good Minnesota swag, as soon as I find some!


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Those songs are all old Doris Day songs. It's a tribute album of sorts. Glad you liked the package. ;o)

Churlita said...

Maybe you could send him some snow and ice and a funny accent from Minnesota....

Mnmom said...

This is Scott, testing the system

Mnmom said...

Scott is always hard at work