Sunday, December 13, 2009

No New York Christmas this Year

We'll be staying in the Midwest this Christmas season, which means no long wintry car ride to Johnny C's family in New York. While we won't miss that 18+ hour drive in a small van, and REALLY won't miss driving through Gary, Indiana, there are most definitely things we will miss.

Mostly we'll miss noi famiglia - our cousins, Uncle Tony & Aunt Gina, Grandma Angie, etc.

We'll miss seeing these guys on Arthur Avenue - the Little Italy of the Bronx. I think his name was Vinnie.

We'll miss hopping the Metro North train at the Crestwood station for our annual trip into Manhattan.

We'll miss stocking up on stinky aged provolone

We'll miss the most amazing bread from this place. And Johnny C. will miss his sfogliatelle (pronounced schvoi-a-TEL), a lovely Italian pastry.
I'll miss Italian deli treats like these. Who needs pastry?????

Johnny C. and Tony will greatly miss their annual hand-rolled cigars from these guys. It's their gumba/paisano New Year's Eve tradition.

We'll REALLY miss loading up the suitcase with sopresseta, prosciutto and other dried Italian sausage for the trip home.

We'll miss Nona Angie's cooking the most! My mother-in-law is the most amazing cook. Out of thin air she creates mouth-watering food without a mess or a spot on her apron.

Instead we'll be going out for spring break, which will mean we won't fight Holiday crowds in Manhattan. If you're from the Midwest, don't ever go to Manhattan around the Holidays, because as Garrison Keillor says "we Midwesterners need to stand at least 28" apart or we get headaches". You'll be tempted to tell each and every person to just GET A MOVE ON ALREADY! And you'll die laughing at the New Yorkers in their minks, scarves, mittens, etc when it's 50 degrees and sunny.

So Buon Natale New York! See you in March!


Fran said...

Sorry you won't be there for Christmas. That said, maybe in March I can drive down from Albany and meet up with you at last.

Enjoy your Christmas at home this year... you have had such a time of it and you always come through with that huge heart and great courage of yours.


Churlita said...

I'm sorry you won't be able to make your trek. Hopefully, you'll be able to rest and relax a little more, and that will help a bit for missing your adventure.

MommyLisa said...

Well - you will catch up with New York in the spring. :)

Sending you something my dad emailed me. He is from Iowa too.

MommyLisa said...

Or NOT. YOur email is not on your profile.

Kireliols said...

That is a list I will miss! Husband and I lived in Albany the year before we were married- we have a list of mostly food related items that we miss- and the local delis- oh my! I alwasy loved the Italian bakery in my neighborhood and all the little old Italian men in their long black wool coats that gathered there. We lived across the street from the end of Mario Cuomo's drive (he was gov. at that time) We still cry over the seafood that was available and the white pizzas, oh those lovely white pizzas. mmmm. Can I go with you in March? I'm starting to tear up here!