Monday, November 2, 2009

We're In!

Our move went quite well.

First we were totally blown away and humbled by the help and support on Saturday.

Here's a run down.

1. The following people showed up to lift, tote, and schlep almost all day and deserve a huge shout-out: Ken #1, Ken #2, Kathy, Kody, Dale, Tom and his truck, Amy #1 and her truck who amazed me with her physical strength, teen friends Mark, Easton, and Joseph.

2. The following brought things: Amy #2 brought pop, cookies and a housewarming gift. Phil and LuAnn brought hot cookies, Jane also brought hot cookies, Lucy helped unpack and brought a giant carafe of coffee from the local coffeehouse. Jeanne brought a bag of crackers, cheese, and sausage then ran home because her youngest has H1N1.

3. And even THIS:
Kathy not only schleped all day, but made a warm lunch for all involved. It was a sunny but chilly day.
Cousin-but-more-like-a-sister Sarah brought her trailer and pick up, and hauled box after box and plenty of heavy furniture. Then helped us settle in that night.
Vicki brought a pot of chili, cornbread, salad, and ice cream bars on Sunday.
Laura spent most of Friday afternoon helping me pack, and cleaning out the frig.
Deana came over despite a nasty case of Lymes Disease to offer moral support. For Deana this is huge - just driving across town wipes her out.
Sister Shirley and her daughter came up Sunday to help unpack. They brought a great lunch with them and bought us some curtains to cover the laundry closet.

Our cupcake stayed at a friend's house Saturday after trick-or-treating but came home sick the next morning. I'm pretty sure it's H1N1 - her school is full of it. Poor thing has a huge headache and a fever, but Ibuprofen keeps it in check.

But otherwise, a very successful move. Now bring on the good luck!!!


Kireliols said...

You are most deservedly, well loved.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Well done everyone!

Unknown said...

Wow! Great help and support...makes the awful at least barely! Hope your dd is feeling better soon!

Fran said...

You have been on my mind - I am glad that you are in. Many good wishes your way and lots of love.

And who wouldn't help you guys? All I lacked was proximity and a truck or I would have been there!!

Unknown said...

The friends, family and love that surrounds you is a testament to what a wonderful family you are. I'm happy to hear you are settling in. Hoping your youngest is on the road to recovery.

Churlita said...

Well, you are definitely lucky in friends...Which is the best kind of luck. i'm sure the other luck will come your way now too.

I hope I have half as many people come to help me when I move.

MommyLisa said...

Yeah for friends. I actually almost looked like that moving with an old Dodge pickup piled up high and covered with tarp once. ;)

Shannon said...

Yay for you! Keep us posted on everything!

lisahgolden said...

Oh, I have been holding my breath for you guys. I am so glad you've had this huge outpouring of love and help. May you settle in and be at home soon.