Thursday, July 30, 2009

And we're back

I'm back home in Minnesota. I knew I was home again when the sky went all gray and cloudy. And nothing quite says "Welcome Home Mom!" like a counter full of dirty pb&j knives, toast crumbs, warm jelly, melted butter, and dirty dishes. And those darlings left all the clean laundry in my room for ME to sort after my 5-day absence. Wasn't that thoughtful?

Actually, little cupcake and I are glad to be back with Johnny C and the teen twin superheros. We had a lovely time in Iowa, and I will post pics later. But I missed the three members of our little unit that had to return to work Monday. Having a job just really gets in the way of a good life, doesn't it?

We MAY have found a really great fixer-upper that an investor will buy and we will put in the sweat equity over the next few years. Keep your fingers crossed really hard! It's got great bones and just needs some TLC. My husband can perform miracles, and I mean miracles, so I just know it'll be great. And the backyard is big and level and backs up to a park. Can you say more vegetable gardens? Plus there's room for an even BIGGER screened porch!!!!

Last night I found the following in my garden: One very large pumpkin and several tiny ones, seven cucumbers, thousands of green tomatoes, 2nd crop of beets peeking out of the dirt, 4 bell peppers, fat carrots, fatter onions, purple basil, sweet basil, bolted lettuce, blooming zinnias, growing cannas, and some gladiolas ready to burst.

I also didn't do well on my iced mocha ban. I want to lose some weight, so I'd decided that iced mochas and some other treats needed to be kicked to the curb. But I had four, FOUR! of them over the last five days. I fell off the wagon so hard I broke my front teeth. Those things are my kryptonite.


Shannon said...

What is summer without iced mochas?

MommyLisa said...

Congrats on the great garden! Send basil please - I need to make pesto! ;)

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I'm jealous of your garden booty.

Anonymous said...

I would love to put in a real garden, something with raised beds. Every year my folks plant the same three things in the same spots, refuse to compost (too messy) and wonder why things don't turn out as well as they used to (when I lived at home and took care of a compost pile).

themom said...

Fingers are crossed for you guys. At least you had a nice break from the rat race. Welcome home!

Mauigirl said...

So glad to hear about the house! My fingers are crossed for you!

Your garden sounds wonderful; we didn't plant that much this year, and got it in late after such a cold and rainy spring. Hope we get tomatoes before frost, LOL!

Some Guy said...

I hope the house deal works out for you guys. It sounds like a great opportunity!

Anonymous said...

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