Sunday, December 14, 2008

A beautiful concert

Twin #1 sings in the High School choir, and they performed their winter concert last night. It was so amazingly beautiful.

First off, they hold the service at Skinner Chapel at Carleton College which lends an Old World air to the service. Photo at left.

Second, the High School choral director is quite a talented young man and makes the most professional choices, and works with this group like they are a college choir. He perfectly showcases all that talent. They sang "My Dancing Day" and "Sussex Carol" and a modern poem rewritten in Latin. Most of it acapella. I'm a huge fan of choral music, and this was a real treat.

Twin #2 also has a lovely voice, but she wanted to take a break from choir. After the Fall concert, she realized this was not a good decision but can't get back into the program until next Fall. Oh, if only they'd listen to their mother!

Merry Christmas!!!


Some Guy said...

Sounds excellent! That's a great pic, by the way.

...tom... said...


Oh, if only they'd listen to their mother!

Ha..!! Another 'bumper sticker' moment.

Sounds like it was an amazing night indeed.


themom said...

I love A Capella...our high school choir (in the 60's) was an A Capella choir. We travelled all over the country. These are opportunities that only come once in a lifetime. I'm sure it was so beautiful.

Unknown said...

I bet it was beautiful. I have only driven by Carleton College! I am not musical at all but do appreciate those that are!

Anonymous said...

That sounds lovely! How many times do we exclaim "if only you would listen to me?"

Shannon said...

I love choral music also, and singing in a choir is the one "hobby" I truly miss and wish I were currently doing even despite my super busy life. I sang in the choir all through junior high and high school, but have not done so since I was a teenager! My voice is nothing special but I just love choir music.

We went to the Northfield Youth Choirs concert yesterday instead of the high school choir. The timing was better for us since we went between nap and dinner. We missed the first half hour but the rest was beautiful, and even my toddler and preschooler sat and listened well!!!

Unknown said...

Sounds like a lovely concert, what a beautiful picture of the location! Dh and I were both in choir in HS and we both loved it and miss it. My twin 2 Caitie was in choir until HS and I wish she would return.........but you know how much she listens to me...ha ha.

Anonymous said...

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