Saturday, December 20, 2008

Oh, Pa! It's another blizzard!

We're having some serious winter weather here, but it's Minnesota, what do we expect. Just finished rereading "The Long Winter" by Laura Ingalls Wilder and I'm wondering why blizzards seemed so much worse back then. A lack of GoreTex and central heat probably contributed.

The news has a "no travel advisory" for our area. But couldn't that also be interpreted to mean a travel advisory is NOT in effect? My, my they should mind their use of the English language.

All day it snowed like a Christmas movie. My youngest and I walked around in our beautiful historic downtown. Santa and his elves were on the town square, and he and I sang "While the merry bells keep ringing, happy holidays to YOU" as a duet. Looked just like Bedford Falls. I was tempted to go bang on the large bank windows and yell "Merry Christmas Mr. Potter!"

Right now, amazingly strong winds have moved in. The temps have dropped to 35 below windchill and all that snow is blowing around, drifting, blurring vision. Happy Winter!


Anonymous said...

Oh my word. Well, at least you've got Gore Tex and your fabulous sense of humor and wonderful singing voice to keep you warm!

And it really is beautiful, isn't it?

Unknown said...

Dh's car doors froze...he was out working and had to take a taxi home cuz oldest dd had our other car at work at the MOA... I can only imagine what morning will bring! ugh

Missy said...

Oh it was a great and snowy day! Like any good, true Minnesotans, we did not let that stop us from getting out, right?


I ventured out to the St. Louis Park Trader Joe's with a friend and sewd holiday gifts after that until it was time to go downtown for a rock show at First Avenue.

Downtown the Holidazzle crowd was more frustrating than the snow! LOL.

themom said...

I know I have had enough winter already...and we haven't had anything like you. I am not a "cold weather" person anymore.

laurie said...

oh it was beautiful today, though, didn't you think? that bright blue sky,and the white white snow.

...tom... said...


... walked around in our beautiful historic downtown.

Now wait a minute; not a single winter-pic in that PBS page linked up. False advertising..!!

Looks like you are all having fun with it.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Pa! It's another blizzard!
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