Saturday, December 6, 2008

Winterwalk 2008

Besides watching my teen Twin #2 suffer with a sinus infection, the saddest part of being sick this week was missing Winter Walk in downtown Northfield. Our family looks forward to this almost as much as Christmas itself! The downtown merchants put on the best party, and most of it is free! This is but one of thousands of reasons I love our little town.

The streets are lined with lights and luminaria. The stores are filled with free cookies, cider, and other treats. Santa is stationed in the bank, and Mrs. Claus has her own little hut on the town square. You can have wagon rides behind giant teams of Percherons. Choirs and small instrumental groups tour the crowds. Dancers put on shows complete in Santa costume. At perfect intervals are barrels filled with burning wood to warm your hands. Kids can pet a reindeer or a Scandinavian pony. Click through to see the Flicker photo show.

Merry Christmas!!!


LoieJ said...


Anonymous said...

Holy cow, you didn't tell me you lived in 1959! :)

Fran said...

That looks amazing!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

You and the kid get well soon.

Shannon said...

My thoughts EXACTLY. I missed Winter Walk too, though Christopher took the girls by himself. I was SO DISAPPOINTED. We went last year for the first time (hadn't lived here long, had newborn before then) and it was the highlight of our Christmas season. Julia talked about it all year long. I was truly sad to miss it, though glad my girls got to go.

themom said...

Hope you are on the healing side of life by now. I love Christmas themed towns. the best I have enjoyed was in Old Williamsburg, VA, many years ago. The restaurants prepare all meals as if we just got off the boat in the 1700's, the lights and trees are beautiful. I could enjoy the Holidays just looking at and enjoying themes - and avoid the commercialization of the moment.

Missy said...

Sounds like an episode of the Gilmore Girls! Have you watched that show? Oddly, the theme somg JUST played on my itunes.

I may have to check out this event next year.

Anonymous said...

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