Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Blogging Anniversary!

It's been almost exactly a year since I started blogging. I must say WOW! This blogging thing has been way more fun that I anticipated and it has brought the absolute best people into my life!

1. First we must hail the man who started it all - wonderful Michael G! He encouraged me to give blogging a try. I've know this man since childhood - he was (and still is) a good friend of my youngest sister. MG and I shared all the angst of college and the more present anxiety of middle-age in the middle-west. He's dear to my heart.

2. Through Michael, I was reintroduced to Melinda June. I say reintroduced because Melinda was also a High School friend of my youngest sister. And Marsha Brady didn't hang out with Cindy's little friends. Melinda has a fabulously independent outlook on life.

3. Through Melinda, I was on to Kirelimel, another Mom in Minnesota trying to maintain her wit while raising the next generation. She does it with flying colors.

4. Through reading Melinda's blog roll, I discovered some amazing folks. First up is Dr. Monkey. What can I say about Dr. Monkey? The perfect blend of humor, politics, food, and good old GOP bashing - ah we love the smell of sour Republicans in the morning! Dr. Monkey is fond of swag and proudly displays everything his fans send him. I swear this man is one blog away from having groupies. Also check out his sidecar blog Monkey Scan - an amazing eye for the best vintage ads and the perfect commentary. Sort of like a blogging snack.

5. Next up would be Some Guy's Blog. This man can be so fantastically funny in one short paragraph that I often have to find my inhaler. And where he finds his photos . . . . well, maybe some things are better left unknown.

6. Also through Melinda June I found Coaster Punchman. If you haven't seen any installments of the Mama Gin Files you are missing comedic genius at its finest. Plus he seems like a sweet man.

7. Yet another Melinda June find would be The (fill in the prefix)iest thing I saw today. Missy has the most interesting approach to blogging with her fill-in-the titles and fascinating doodles. I can't wait to see when the sharp-dressed man will show up in her life again. She's also a Minnesotan and understands the long cold winter of our discontent.

8. Can't remember how I discovered them, but next up are the Bubs' at the Sprawling Ramshackle Compound. His reasonable fear of urban alligators and affinity for a good cocktail make for interesting reading. He's taking a blog-cation right now, but check back in the future.

9. Kim at A Sunny Thought has been marvelous. She's raising a daughter while getting it done in style. Her significant other Mr. Yen also has some mighty things to say about parenthood and the occasional history lesson.

10. Through Michael G I discovered the wonderful Madame Leiderhosen. She lives and breathes yarn, which I don't, so it's been wild to watch someone else's obsession. She also has trouble sleeping, and when I'm up at odd hours I know another good soul is probably up too - except she lives 1500 miles away and I can't drive over for tea and spinning.

11. I swear my guardian angel led me to Sheletta. This woman is the single reason that plenty of her readers wet their pants on a regular basis. Funny doesn't even BEGIN to cover it. And once in awhile her husband chimes in and he's just as damn funny! We hit it off immediately and now she'll put me on her site as a guest blogger now and then. She claims she's crazy but this woman is incredible - she is a celebrity here in the Twin Cities!! Go to her site and learn about her TV show. She even has a line of Sheletta products!

12. About six months ago my sister Cheesecake Maven joined the fun! She mainly posts about food and cooking, with plenty of great photos to back up her claims. She's also quite funny and has lots of great thoughts on crazy Republicans and the frustrating world of parenting.

13. Through local connections I discovered the husband and wife team of Blowing and Drifting and Mama in Wonderland. They are in the early, and therefore sleepless, years of parenting. Plus they both have some great observations of life in general. We've had them and their adorable daughters over for coffee and they are even MORE fun in person!! Through these folks I linked to The Snarky Squab, who muses on politics, feminism, kids, and culture. Be sure to read her Squotient theories on personality - I think she's on to something big!

14. Another Minnesota blogger I'm much enjoying is Laurie at Three Dog Annex. Each entry is merely a great photographic snapshot of our local politics and culture. Like they say, each is worth a thousand words.

15. A more recent discovery is Kirby at I Make No Promises. Another crazy menopausal woman not to be dismissed!! We're a mighty force of nature you know.

16. Another recent find of a more spiritual nature has been the marvelous Fran I Am. She muses on religious difficulties, societal craziness, and love while maintaining her loving brand of faith. And through Fran, I've found Border Explorer who is out there, taking on the politically tough issues especially immigration and the recent travesty in Postville, Iowa.

WHEW!! This post has taken me about a week to write. Hope I haven't forgotten anyone. I love you all and am looking forward to getting to know some new folks:



Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Happy blogaversary! I know you'll love D Cup and Vikkitikkitavi as much as I do.

Billie Greenwood said...

Happy blogging anniversary! Thank you for this strong affirmation of our new friendship. You've placed me in great company here--and lots of new people for me to meet. Rake in the compliments today because you deserve them.

Dr Zibbs said...

I get ready to know me.

Sheleta said...

Happy Anniversary girlfriend! And in one year, you've managed to make me laugh so hard I peed on myself at least five times. I'm going for 10 by the time your second anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy blogaversary! I've seen your comments other places and I'm glad you stopped by and commented at 'Tits!

A year? Goes fast, doesn't it? Well, I look forward to many more posts from you!

Madame Leiderhosen said...

Congratulations on the Blogaversery!
Please come over anytime, once I get the transporter working again.

Shannon said...

Thanks for the shout-out, MNMom! Also, can I just say: I would never in a million years use the word "fat" to describe you, so every time I read your menu-posting sidebar I'm all like, What? She is not.

And one more thing: I keep wondering how your health is and if your test results were okay. Maybe you don't feel like sharing, but just know that I'm sending you good vibes anyway.

Mnmom said...

Shan - aside from a fat liver, my insides A-OK!! No ovarian cancer!!
And you are so very, very sweet to say that but I'm about 40lbs overweight and on a 5'2" frame that's a lot of poundage.

Shannon said...

I'm so glad for the no-cancer results. As for the poundage: Sigh. I thought you looked awesome when I met you. You're like the quintessential energetic supermom. You're my mom-of-teens idol!

Mnmom said...

Wow - I needed to hear that today. After being told that I lie, I nag, I need medication, I need counseling.

Fran said...

Happy Blogversary to you!!

For a long time I would see you around the comments at Dr. Monkey's... I am not sure how or when exactly we began to visit each other, but I can tell you I am grateful that we did.

You have one great blog here, you truly do.

To find my own name listed in your post shocked me... thank you very much.

And Border Explorer, she is great!

Some Guy said...

Happy Anniversary, MNMom! And thanks for the kind words!