Tuesday, October 9, 2007


That's me, on the left, next to AL FRANKEN! He came to speak in Northfield tonight. What a thrill. This man REALLY understands the issues. That's my cousin Sarah on the right. Poor thing lives in Iowa and can't VOTE FOR AL!!


Kireliols said...

How cool is that! Glad you had fun. I'm jealous!

michaelg said...

I'm jealous too!
I just can barely wait for the debate between icky Norm and Al Franken. Can you imagine how fun that is going to be? I'm guessing it will be much like the Amy Klobuchar vs. Mark Kennedy debate on MPR last year, only funny because it is funny, not funny because it was sad. (Mark Kennedy could barely muster a response to Amy's genius. Sad and funny.)
Your head looks really small next to Al's big ol' melon. Don't you think?

Mnmom said...

Perhaps, but what you can't see is that our stumpy short legs match exactly!!