Monday, September 17, 2007



Things like college football don't fit my stereotype, but that's what makes life fun. I just LOVE college football! So do many of my friends. So years ago we decided to have a tailgater party for no particular college. We all just wear our collegiate sweatshirts, grill brats, make bloody marys, and watch football outside on a large bed sheet with a projection TV next to a roaring campfire. This year is no exception. The gathering is at my house. And the game du jour is IOWA vs WISCONSIN. Which happens to be the alma mater of our co-hosts. Should be a rousing night. Now if I could only get a hold of a marching band . . . . .


michaelg said...

And what a great party it was!
Did one half of your twins, Jean, tell you the life advice that I gave her? If not, I'll repeat:
1. Being a super model is the most difficult and important job in the world.
2. You should spend much, much less time on school work and much more time practicing to be a super model.
She agreed completely. Now let's see if she follows through.

Mnmom said...

No need for Mommy to worry - she'll top out at 5' 2"